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Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership

The brain science of high performance and influence.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader of personal influence, impact, and inspiration? Emotional intelligence (EI), our ability to manage our emotions and navigate successfully our personal and professional relationships is the game changer. This dynamic and fast-paced presentation will offer you practical tools for professional excellence and high-performance in leadership and life.

With the explosion of our information age and the increased potential of the millennial generation, it has become clear that in order to lead with impact, one has to fully engage the minds, emotions, and spirit of those they lead. While many managers today are skilled at presenting team goals and strategies, the skillsets of emotional intelligence and leveraging the brain science of high performance are the new competitive edge. Empowering your team to feel emotionally connected with their own purpose and to one another is imperative.

Steve Gutzler’s half and full-day workshops are highly interactive, combining case studies, peer-to-peer coaching, multi-media, and hilarious and compelling real-life stories, along with on-site assessments and setting SMART goals to ensure actionable takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assess one’s level of emotional intelligence in dealing with relationships with others in business and achieving organizational goals
  • Examine our strengths and weaknesses for developing our emotional intelligence
  • Learn the brain science of emotional hijacking moments and strategies for self-regulation of one’s emotions
  • Develop composure skills and redirect emotions in order to ensure a “win-win”
  • Learn actionable skills for resiliency and stress management
  • Demonstrate and increase empathy by acknowledging the feeling and perspectives of others
  • Build bonds of connection by nurturing instrumental relationships in business
  • Uphold integrity and increase your persuasive influence and leadership impact
  • Build collaborative skills and empower communication
  • Recognize the contagious influence of your moods, attitudes, and emotions with leadership encounters

*Half and full-day workshops include Steve’s Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership Assessment.

Target Audience:

Steve has presented this topic to a wide array of industries including technology companies, sales teams, government agencies, financial advisors, realtors, small business associations, University programs, and leadership conventions and conferences.

Possible Formats:

This presentation is ideal for Keynote speaking ranging from 45-60 minutes long. It can also be delivered in a workshop or half-day seminar.

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