Let's Unleash The Leader in You!

Growing Leaders at Every Level.

Let's Unleash The Leader in You!

Growing Leaders at Every Level.

Dive deep, learn and let’s unleash the leader inside you!

Lead with No Fear – Available Now!

How would you like a step-by-step guide to a 90-day leader shift from worry, insecurity, and self-doubt to inspiration, clarity, and confidence?

Why 90 days? Because most shifts once discovered are unlocked in that time frame – also because that is the sweet spot when you begin to see exciting results.⁣ My new book with Mike Acker provides that – and more! ON SALE Tuesday, June 16th on Amazon or from your favorite book store.

Splash – #1 International Best Seller!

In today’s liked and shared and filtered world, it’s easy to believe that everything we see on the surface is perfect. But is it really? When you allow yourself to listen to what’s going on in your soul, are you living the life you really want? What if you could do something greater – something that truly breaks you out of the ordinary and makes a splash?

Steve Gutzler did. He came out of a period of struggle and depression to live a life of momentum and meaning that’s truly making a splash in the lives of others. And he wants to help you do the same. This book will help you discover your own splash and create new exciting momentum around the things in your life that really matter:

  • A splash with family and friends—one that has meaning, intentional purpose and a lasting legacy.
  • A splash in your personal leadership that leads to massive momentum in your personal influence, impact, and inspiration for others. A splash in everyday encounters—leading right where you are, touching one life at a time with goodness and love.

Through relatable stories and thought-provoking questions, Steve will help you see how to make a splash in your life and make an impact that matters. Are you ready to make a splash?

The Two Minute Drill

How to be a great leader under intense pressure! The Two Minute Drill is a short e-book that contains 7 principles to enable you to grow your leadership effectiveness under pressure. With these seven principles you will be prepared to face your real life two-minute drill and come out highly successful.

“The Two Minute Drill is a small book that carries a lot of punch. It essentially asks leaders whether they relish challenges in their life or slink off to the end of the bench. Using tried and true coaching strategies, the author breaks leadership into 7 categories…A very helpful book on how to get back on track as a leader.” – LaRae Quy

Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership

This new book focuses on you individually as a leader. It follows the story of a young woman Steve Gutzler and Leadership Quest had the privilege of coaching who was extremely skilled but was holding herself back with her poor emotional self- and team-management. This book will provide you with six weeks worth of coaching insight in six chapters each dedicated to a specific emotional intelligence cornerstone. Learn to identify your personal areas of emotional intelligence weakness and how to improve them and thus improve your leadership effectiveness. The book includes specific success strategies and competencies for you to practice as you improve your personal leadership.

Learn more about Steve’s Emotional Intelligence Keynotes, Workshops & Trainings, and Coaching. >

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