Increase your influence, impact, and inspiration

Recent studies reveal it is not the hardest working or most intelligent people who succeed, but people who have high levels of emotional intelligence and are able to elicit the cooperation of their colleagues, lead, and motivate teams of people. Steve’s real-life examples will explain why some people excel at leadership influence while others who appear to have similar capabilities lag behind. This course will contribute to both personal excellence and greater leadership capabilities.

Steve Gutzler’s Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership Mastery Course

is a life and leadership-changing program that can have a tremendous impact on the success and effectiveness of your work life, leadership, and personal influence.

Unlock your Emotional Intelligence as the single, most important indicator in producing leaders who are able to lead others and collaborate effectively in organizations at the highest levels. Long-term success requires people that people go beyond I.Q. or technical expertise, and develop their full potential through growing Emotional Intelligence.

This mastery course is an invitation to take your leadership to the next level– a journey of self-awareness and developing effective professional and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, you’ll gain knowledge of the brain science behind destructive emotions, highjacks, and how to redirect those emotions in order to play at your best and create sustainable relationships and “win-win” results.

Emotional Intelligence Master Course Learning Objectives

  • Increase your self-awareness in order to grow your influence, impact, and inspiration of others
  • Recognize the contagious nature and power of moods, attitudes, and emotions in business relationships
  • Learn the brain science of emotional highjacking moments and strategies for self-regulation of one’s emotions
  • Develop composure skills and redirecting emotions during the 17% moments when under stress and facing difficult relational encounters
  • Learn how to demonstrate and increase empathy by acknowledging the feelings and perspectives of others
  • Build bonds of connection and loyalty of others through the power of appreciation
  • Grow your personal “standards of greatness” for impactful leadership and inspiration to be AT YOUR BEST

“I just finished Steve Gutzler’s Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership mastery course – 5 stars. If you are looking to increase your influence and impact as a leader, this is a must. It not only helped me better understand myself, it helped me think about those around me, and how I can engage in crucial conversations to deliver immense value through influence and execution.”

“This Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership Mastery Course opened my eyes and provided actionable tools to self-manage the 17% moments when under stress. I’ll be taking my entire team through this course.”

“What a great course! I personally like the digital notebook and interactive exercises. Steve Gutzler’s course truly helps you elevate your emotional intelligence skills to succeed both your career and personal life.”