Trusted Advisor gives you private access to Steve as your unbiased, success partner.

Take advantage of private access to an unbiased, objective Trusted Advisor as your success partner and confidant for candid advise, coaching, counsel, and measurably-enhanced results.

Because Your Leadership Matters

What you can achieve with the partnership of a Trusted Advisor:

  • Customized “in the moment” coaching, taking on your demands
  • Growing your leadership capacity by identifying current limits that can be exposed and reversed
  • Create engaged and highly motivated, cohesive teams ready to “blow the lid off” past results.
  • Redefine strategic leadership with effective and adaptable internal/external communication skills and more influential, persuasive presentations.
  • Replace debilitating communicative skills with your teams, revitalize with clear, collaborative, and inclusive “solution fingers” that make things better each and every day.
  • Cast a clear vision and align a cohesive team around a “code of honor” that drives excellence, innovation, and breaks barriers.
  • Create a culture of leaders that embrace change and adapt quickly to new opportunities—leaders who possess energy, intelligence, and creativity.

For a complimentary “Discovery Call”, specific pricing, customized coaching, and scheduling, please call Steve direct at (425) 681-9871 or email at

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