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Speaking Overview

Growing Leaders at Every Level

Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership:

Harness the power of the “number one” predictor of professional success, impact, leadership, high performance and sustainable relationships in business and life. Steve’s highest rated keynote presentation.

Unleash the Leader Inside You

Through inspiring stories of untitled leaders, Steve unlocks extraordinary keys each one of us can use to improve our organizations and enhance our careers. Steve shows the power of true leaders who are positive influencers, create remarkable impact and inspire others to greatness.

Full Potential- How to Perform Best Under Pressure

This dynamic keynote addresses the epidemic of stress and pressure. Through real-life case studies, Steve explains how leaders today need strategies to be both “smart and healthy”. You’ll learn actionable keys to operate at optimum levels while facing deadlines and challenging relationships.

17% Moments: Discover the Brain Science of Emotions and High-Performance Leadership

How extraordinary leaders manage moments that define their reputation and drive successful results. Research shows that 83% of the time, people are able to effectively manage their relationships with people and the tasks that need to get done.

Emotional Intelligence, The NordyWay

A breakthrough guide to building today’s most collaborative teams so that any organization can operate at peak performance. Steve Gutzler and breAnne O. Reeves, Founder, NordyWay have teamed up to inspire organizations of all kinds to elevate their EI in order to deliver the most influential and meaningful stakeholder experiences.

Winning Teams: How to Align Mindsets, Words, and Actions for Positive Change

In this age of accelerated change and disruption, today’s leaders and teams must adopt a brave new mindset to “attack the attack” of the unknown. Winning Teams outlines a powerful and actionable approach to align the mindsets, words, and actions of those on your team for positive change and growth.

Empowerment Behind the Badge

In today’s fast-paced and pressure filled law enforcement work environment, how effective are you as a leader of influence, impact, and inspiration? Emotional Intelligence (EI) is our ability to self-manage our emotions and navigate successfully under stress is the game changer.

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