Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Teams

“You don’t need a title or a position to be a leader.


Increase your teams’ emotional currency to develop better relationships leading to an optimal workplace where everyone can thrive.

Emotional Intelligence affects how we manage our emotions, navigate relationships, and achieve positive results.

For today’s workforce, emotions are now the biggest factor in employee experience, organizational culture, and team performance. Teams want to feel valued, and they want to work for leaders and companies that truly care about their well-being.

Emotions drive performance every day. And positive results in the workplace are determined by how your employees navigate change and uncertainty, and how they emotionally impact and influence others on the team.

In this interactive keynote program Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Teams, Steve Gutzler will provide breakthrough techniques and strategies to create positive influence, high-performing teams, and proven results that will boost your bottom line.

Recent research has made it clear that increasing your emotional currency and emotional intelligence skillset is the single most important driver of an engaged, results-driven, and highly agile workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-awareness for better influence and communication among team members
  • A deeper understanding of the science behind emotions: what the brain does under pressure, and specific tools and strategies to manage stressful situations
  • Building empathy by being sensitive to the underlying emotional exchange
  • How to use connected language to improve persuasion skills – highly impacting outcomes and profitability
  • How to win the hearts and minds of your people
  • Steve’s engaging stories and case studies to inspire teams to thrive in the most challenging circumstances as seen in world-class environments such as the International Space Station, Microsoft, Google, and Yale University

This Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Teams keynote can be tailored to emphasize a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Navigating change and managing disruptions
  • Eliminating employee burnout and optimizing emotional health
  • Nurturing emerging leaders and supporting individual contributors
  • Generating sales and cultivating client relationships
  • Adapting Emotional Intelligence skills for challenging fields

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