Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Successful Leadership

Conventional wisdom says business success is a product of hard work, clear vision, strategy, and bold risks. These four things equal SUCCESS!

Recent research suggests that emotional intelligence, sometimes described as “soft skills,” is the key ingredient in a leaders effectiveness and the success of a project and business.

Employees who receive training on emotional intelligence can position themselves, and their company, to succeed and thrive in today’s economy and dominate the competition.

Traditional factors of business success:
Pure intelligence is not the key to success!

  • People with the highest IQ’s outperform those with average IQ’s 20% of the time.
  • People with average IQ’s outperform those with the highest of IQ’s 70% of the time.
  • 90% of top performers are also high in emotional intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence accounts for 58% of success in jobs.
  • By far, emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of success when tested alongside 33 other workplace skills.

What is emotional intelligence?
Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to…

  • Recognize, understand, and self-manage your own emotions.
  • Recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others.

Five attributes associated with emotional intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness: Understanding that moods, attitudes, and emotions are contagious
  • Self-Regulation: Learning how to self-manage emotions and emotional highjacking that can self sabotage success and relationships.
  • Self-Motivation: Self motivated, optimistic, resilient, adaptable, and flexible.
  • Empathy: Reading and responding to other people’s emotions; being compassionate and able to connect with others.
  • People Skills: Conflict resolution, collaboration, and cultivating/maintaining sustainable relationships.

Benefits and results of training teams and leaders around emotional intelligence:

  • Increased job performance: Over 80% of the competencies that differentiate the top performing are related to EI.
  • Increased sales: At fortune-500 companies, sales people with high EI outperform those with low emotional intelligence by 50%.
  • Increased productivity: Recent studies of organizations saw an increase in focus and productivity by 20%. Likewise, a 93% increase in productivity was noted after employees at a Motorola manufacturing facility received stress-management and EI training. 
  • Improved retention: Retention of sales staff increased by 67% after participating in EI training, assessments, and coaching– saving the company 30 million dollars.
  • More positive workplace: Internal polling saw a dramatic 80% increase in the workplace environment. Increased positive environment + cooperation + good feelings = GOOD RESULTS!

*Studies provided by Brandeis University Graduate Professional Studies

Training, Assessments, and Coaching
Companies can implement EI on-sight training and receive EI for personal leadership assessments all in the same day. Quarterly coaching is available to ensure sustainable success.

Invest and Save
The United States Airforce invested $10,000 for EI training and saved 2.76 million in recruiting in just one year.

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