14 Ways to Create Achievement and Fulfillment

Achievement is something we reach or attain, it’s something that is measurable. I write goals on index cards and post them places where I can see them. This is my way of ensuring I reach my goals and keep them very specific. 

Fulfillment doesn’t come from material possessions, wealth or success alone. Fulfillment comes from the impact we have on others, the deep relationships we build, and sacrifices we make for others. Harvard professor Todd Rose has made it his personal mission to get as many people as possible to stop searching for success and start looking for fulfillment. His book, Dark Horse: Achieving Success Through the Pursuit of Fulfillment, explains the four elements of the “dark horse mindset” that empower you to consistently make the right choices that fit your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances and will guide you to a life of passion, purpose, and achievement.

Everyone’s formula to success looks different because we all possess certain qualities that make us unique. What we can do, is follow steps to make our unique journey more impactful in order to create achievement and fulfillment. 

  1. Stop the inner-critic: Push “pause” every time your inner dialogue is self-critical and focus on positive attributes you like and love about yourself.
  2. Start your morning with soft music: No email madness at the start of your day. Try playing soft music that is soothing and brings a sense of calmness to that start of your day.
  3. Make a small journal entry each day: A simple sentence of gratitude or prayer to show appreciation. It may sound simplistic but it will focus your mind on blessings rather than stress.
  4. Showing love has greater impact than saying it: Love is a verb. Do small loving things each day for those near and dear to your heart. Acts of affection and kindness are what fuel relationships.
  5. Make a dream list and start checking them off: I recently updated my “top 10 dream list” and can’t wait to start living them out.
  6. Cut back on processed foods: Go for the apple, the banana, a handful of nuts, etc. (instead of chips, for example) and you will be surprised how much energy you have. The quality of life will go up as well.
  7. Fast once a month: For one 24-hour period, fast from foods and consume only water or herbal teas. Cleanse toxins and reset your internal organs.
  8. Decrease screen time: Consider a once a day unplug from the internet and social media. You will increase your personal joy and be more present with family and friends.
  9. Rather than worry, pray: There is a lot to worry about. I try to exercise prayer as my antidote to fear and anxiety. It provides peace and assurance that God is in control and oversees my steps.
  10. Keep your ‘big five’ goals visible: Try using a good ole index card and write your top three professional goals for 2020 and perhaps note 2 personal goals as well.
  11. Never miss an opportunity to encourage someone: You can’t change the world. You can make your world better each day by encouraging those you are surrounded by.
  12. Get more sleep: I hear it all the time, “Sleep is overrated.” And I completely disagree. Quality sleep, and 7 to 8 hours per night, is extremely important for our overall wellbeing, brain function, moods/attitudes, and success. Get to bed by a specific time and rise a little bit earlier so that you have the opportunity to set the tone for your day without being in a rush. This will ensure you are functioning at your best.
  13. Say ‘no’ to people, regrets, and activities that do not serve your purpose and value: Do fewer things that are not aligned with your defined achievements and fulfillments of a purpose-driven life.
  14. Remove non-essentials and travel light: Get rid of under-utilized belongings and resources in order to inject motivation and clarity into your life. Doing so will lead to feeling more energized as you travel.

I am interested in what’s on your achievement fulfillment list. Please feel free to share by responding to this email, or you can send me an email at contact@stevegutzler.com. Let’s focus on learning and growing as we embrace a new year upon us. 

Here’s to intentional living! 

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