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Winning Teams

In this age of accelerated change and disruption, today’s leaders and teams must adopt a brave new mindset to “attack the attack” of the unknown. Winning Teams outlines a powerful and actionable approach to align the mindsets, words, and actions of those on your team for positive change and growth.

This dynamic and timely program showcases how to anticipate new opportunities and unleash creativity by nurturing a culture of possibility thinking and a growth mindset. Steve teaches the strategies and techniques needed for creating positive change and extraordinary results.

Winning Teams: How to Align Mindsets, Words, and Actions for Positive Change

In this program, audience members will learn:

  1. How to create an effective mindset to thrive rather than survive
  2. How to create a clear vision of the future in this age of speed and change
  3. How to cultivate the four domains of winning in order to step confidentially forward – to avoid extinction
  4. How to remain emotionally intelligent when self-regulating stress and uncertainty
  5. How effective and healthy team’s communication and collaboration in order to gain bottom-line results

Today’s leaders often lack clarity and therefore the ability to execute during change.

Discover the power of Clarity Culture Inspiration and Positive Emotions for Breakthrough Success

Studies show that organizations, teams, and leaders who adapt to change grow faster, create more wealth, enhance customer success, gain sustainable momentum, and outperform the competition.

Now is the perfect time to arm your team with the attributes necessary to navigate change and gain winning results.

Target Audience:

Steve has presented this topic to sales teams, technology companies, retail companies, service industries, and government agencies. Perfect for conventions and conferences desiring to build personal leaders of high performance.

Possible Format:

This is ideal for a keynote presentation of 60-90 minutes long. It can also be delivered in a half- full day team seminar.

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