Emotional Health and Balance

Not surprisingly, a new study from Harvard Business Review shows burnout, anxiety, and depression are on a rapid increase for employees today, regardless of their title or position.

  • 89% of the respondents said their work-life balance is getting worse, not better
  • 85% said they struggle with stress, anxiety, and burnout.
  • 82% said emotional health and well-being are in decline
  • 76% said they’d welcome help in wellness strategies for improved emotional health and balance.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, a person’s emotional health affects their overall work performance; how they cultivate meaningful relationships inside and outside the business; and how they will manage their overall mental health and sustainability moving forward.

In this interactive program, you’ll discover the same proven and actionable strategies employed by frontline health professionals, SWAT teams, leading corporate executives, and personal leaders. These proven tactics help reset and calibrate emotional wellness to handle stress in these rapid-changing times, resulting in achievable (and sustainable) balance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how emotional health and balance are the new fundamental currency for successful personal leaders and teams today
  • Discover the power of energy management
  • Identify the five stages of trauma that hold you back
  • Learn how stress hijacks job performance and shuts down creativity and memory function
  • Discover the “window of tolerance” as the key to playing and performing at our best
  • Unlock self-leadership and self-care strategies to stress-proof your personal leadership and regain emotional health and balance

Target Audience:

Ideal for any audience, and customized for each organization, this interactive presentation is designed to help leaders, teams, and individual contributors reset and recharge.

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Each participant receives Steve’s Emotional Health and Balance Assessment, which can be utilized as an interactive onsite exercise or as a follow-up to the program.