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Breakthrough Teams

This new interactive program will provide you and your team with actionable tools to get to the next level of performance through these five breakthroughs:

Unlock the Science to Motivation, Collaboration, and Peak Performance

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to engage Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers to get along and rally around a shared vision
  2. How to build the 3C’s: Communicate, Collaborate, and Connect for better results
  3. How to unlock speed productivity to work smarter and faster
  4. How to inspire leaders at every level to multiply performance and success
  5. How to create extraordinary moments for your customers that ensure lasting loyalty

It is possible to lead your team to major improvements, no matter what you are seeking to achieve. Whether it’s a group of senior executives or a mixed audience of 1,000, Steve’s powerful Breakthrough Teams program will leave the room feeling energized and wanting to get to the “next level” of performance.

Target Audience:

Steve has presented this topic to sales teams, technology companies, retail companies, service industries, and government agencies. Perfect for conventions and conferences desiring to build personal leaders of high performance.

Possible Format:

This is ideal for a keynote presentation of 60-90 minutes long. It can also be delivered in a half- full day team seminar.

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