Let's Unleash The Leader in You!

Growing Leaders at Every Level.

Let's Unleash The Leader in You!

Growing Leaders at Every Level.

Reasons to Book Steve

Steve Gutzler, President of Leadership Quest, has worked with leading global brands on hundreds of presentations—customizing keynotes presentations and leadership development programs. Steve has been described as the “best speaker we’ve ever had,” “inspiring and life-changing,” “insightful and impactful,” and a “real game-changer.” Steve is the speaker who moves personal leaders to greater self-awareness and change—for the better. He will focus you and your team on “what is possible” and how to grow your capacity to greatness.

Steve loves building leaders at every level to multiply your success!

Seven Reasons to Book Steve:

  • It’s all about you and your event
    Steve has one primary goal— the success of your event. He is one of the most powerful leadership and inspiration speakers you’ll find because he knows how to connect one-on-one with an audience and genuinely move people to action.

    His commitment is to serve you and partner with you to do whatever it takes to make your event a huge success.

  • Customizing Presentations Around Your Desired Outcome
    Steve is a recognized expert in leadership, emotional intelligence, and high performance. He will work with you to craft and customize a presentation that fits your events agenda and your desired outcomes by weaving in industry research, relevant brand, business culture, and event themes to hit the mark with your organization.
  • Engaging and Interactive
    Steve loves to engage his audience with interaction, social science research, and compelling stories to drive audience engagement. His authentic, motivating, and fun approach relaxes your audience to experience the key learning points and actionable takeaways.
  • Actionable Takeaways and Strategies
    Having delivered hundreds of presentations, Steve knows the key to a successful presentation is the bottom-line transforming takeaways. His power-packed keynotes are designed to provide practical tactics and strategies to elevate professional and career performance to the next level.
  • Available and Accommodating
    Steve’s work ethic and accommodating approach best show his desire to meet and greet your attendees. He will work with you to make the entire experience a joy, working hard to accommodate your request to attend receptions and networking sessions that involve your clients, sponsors, and key attendees.
  • Inspiring Stories and Illustration
    Steve is truly a master storyteller that brings his presentations to life. There is nothing more compelling than a vivid story that reminds audiences how to unlock the power of potential and leadership capacity.
  • Real-World and Moves People to Change
    Steve’s priority is his marriage to Julie, his three children, and six grandchildren. He is a trusted advisor, an executive leadership coach to CEOs, Leadership Entrepreneurs, and senior leaders. He is a real and effective “leader to leaders.” Audiences constantly rank Steve as the highlight of their event.

Experience Matters
Steve Gutzler doesn’t deliver “speeches,” he custom designs and delivers inspiring presentations that engage audiences with interactive leadership exercise, surprising science and research, coaching, and humorous and emotional stories.

Steve changes lives and inspires greatness.

He typically partners with organizations to design and deliver:

  • Opening Keynotes that kick off your event with energy, purpose, and inspiration.
  • Compelling interactive workshops that will challenge and engage your leaders to raise their level of performance and leadership impact.
  • Closing keynotes that synthesize your confidence desired outcomes and launch your audience out the door, fully empowered to raise their professional game.

To bring Steve to your next event, please contact Michelle Joyce at (704) 965-2339.

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