Recent research from Stanford and Harvard reveals a compelling truth: leaders who embody generosity and kindness set a powerful example, igniting a ripple effect within organizations. When empathy and kindness are spotlighted, they swiftly embed themselves into the fabric of organizational culture.

Forbes Magazine, renowned for its insights into leadership, boldly proclaims “empathy is the most important leadership skill”, a sentiment echoed by their rigorous research.

Yet, beneath these surface advantages lies a sobering truth: without empathy, high-achieving leaders risk hollowing out their organization’s human capital. While short-term gains may be realized, talented individuals seek environments where empathy thrives, leaving behind a workforce of mediocre retention.

Consider the story of a successful medical surgeon, one of my esteemed coaching clients. During a casual game of golf, he shared his belief that empathy, alongside surgical skill, was instrumental in his success. His simple yet profound question to patients, “Please, tell me the story behind your pain,” cultivated sincerity, trust, and respect.

How Empathy Benefits You

The dividends of empathy extend beyond the recipient – they enrich the giver as well. Research underscores this truth, revealing that nourishing leaders not only uplift those under their care but also garner higher performance ratings and swifter career advancements.

Emotional empathy empowers us to truly sense the emotions of others, enabling our messages to resonate with unparalleled impact and influence.

Let us continue to champion the power of everyday empathy, for in its embrace, we find not only strength but also profound human connection.

Here’s to leading with empathy!

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About the Author

Steve Gutzler is the President of Leadership Quest, a Seattle-based leadership development company. Steve is a dynamic, highly-sought-after speaker who has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to a list of clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, the Seattle Seahawks, Pandora Radio, Boeing, Cisco, Starwood Corporation, the Ritz Carlton group, and the U.S. Social Security Administration. He recently was voted #1 by the readership of Huffington Post as the Most Inspirational Leader on Social Media.

A published author on leadership and emotional intelligence, Steve resides near Seattle with his wife Julie where they enjoy time with their three adult children and six grandchildren.