Remember those old car phones? The ones bolted to the console, with a giant antenna on the roof? Mine was no different. I thought it was the pinnacle of technology back then, calling my wife Julie just to say, “Hey, I’m calling from the CAR!”

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got AI doing incredible things: from self-driving cars to photo magic to chatbots handling customer service. It’s mind-blowing… but something’s missing.

In the rush of progress, it’s easy to forget what matters most: genuine human connection.  You can’t build a team on algorithms alone. People crave that sense of being seen, heard, and valued for who they are.

Human-Centered Leadership: It’s About Putting People First

At its heart, it’s treating your team like the unique individuals they are, not just cogs in the machine. It’s recognizing their talents, respecting their contributions, and being there for them – not just as a boss, but as a mentor, a supporter, and a partner in their success.

The Impact on Your Workplace

Workplace from Meta research, A global survey of over 31,000 people across 31 countries was conducted, indicates that employees are more likely to leave their jobs due to factors that human-centered leadership directly addresses:

  • Well-being: 79% of respondents would leave for a company that better supports their well-being.
  • Flexibility: 72% would leave for more control over their work hours, and 66% would leave for more control over their work location.
  • Professional Development: 69% would leave for better support in their professional growth and development.
  • Meaningful Work: 68% would leave for a company that allows them to do more meaningful work.

A focus on Human-Centered Leadership, teams and organizations can bring lower turnover rates, higher engagement scores, improved well-being (Gartner research).

Remember, it’s not about being perfect; it’s about building human-centered relationships in your team.
Lead with your heart, put people first, and watch your team soar. 

Here’s to growing your team by being a human-centered leader!

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About the Author

Steve Gutzler is the President of Leadership Quest, a Seattle-based leadership development company. Steve is a dynamic, highly-sought-after speaker who has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to a list of clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, the Seattle Seahawks, Pandora Radio, Boeing, Cisco, Starwood Corporation, the Ritz Carlton group, and the U.S. Social Security Administration. He recently was voted #1 by the readership of Huffington Post as the Most Inspirational Leader on Social Media.

A published author on leadership and emotional intelligence, Steve resides near Seattle with his wife Julie where they enjoy time with their three adult children and six grandchildren.