20 Choices That Can Change Your Life

Have you ever caught yourself comparing yourself to others?

Have you ever thought…

  • I like their life
  • I like their home
  • I like their family
  • I like his career position
  • I like her style and career
  • I like their “stuff”
  • I like this schedule

To be honest, real honest, I find myself in a “season of life” where comparison is not useful or a place I drift. I’ve been on an internal journey of heart, character, and even simplicity. “Stuff,” positions, and possessions don’t change me up that much.

I’m striving to make good choices that align with my beliefs and values. I believe today we live in unparalleled days of comparisons and dare I say, materialism. “Stuff” does not define me. Positions and bank accounts don’t either. The more I focus on externals, the greater potential I have in ignoring internal issues of my heart— my beliefs— my faith.

Taking responsibility for your one and only life is a choice.

Two years ago, I bought a new car and recently, I returned from a vacation. Things are not bad — what’s bad for me is focusing on things and externals to bring me greater satisfaction. I’ve adopted 20 Choices to Change My Life.

Eric Plasker looks at our choices in a piece called, “I Choose My Life.”

  1. I choose to live
  2. I choose to love
  3. I choose to open
  4. I choose to laugh
  5. I choose to believe
  6. I choose to hear
  7. I choose to relate
  8. I choose to focus
  9. I choose to play
  10. I choose to accept
  11. I choose to hope
  12. I choose to persist
  13. I choose to heal
  14. I choose to create
  15. I choose to succeed
  16. I choose to ignite
  17. I choose to excel
  18. I choose to lead
  19. I choose to commit
  20. I choose MY LIFE!

How will you approach your life? Will you compare yourself or will you seize the choices (internal choices) that will make your one and only life worthwhile?

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Make a change in your life TODAY!
— Steve

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About the Author

Steve Gutzler is the President of Leadership Quest, a Seattle-based leadership development company. Steve is a dynamic, highly-sought-after speaker who has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to a list of clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, the Seattle Seahawks, Pandora Radio, Boeing, Cisco, Starwood Corporation, the Ritz Carlton group, and the U.S. Social Security Administration. He recently was voted #1 by the readership of Huffington Post as the Most Inspirational Leader on Social Media.

A published author on leadership and emotional intelligence, Steve resides near Seattle with his wife Julie where they enjoy time with their three adult children and six grandchildren.