Take 10 Quiet Minutes Each Day to Ask...

The great life philosopher, Alice in Wonderland, once said, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." 

The big question is, do you know where you are going?
Is it clear?
Is it powerfully motivated?

Take 10 quiet minutes each day to ask yourself, "Why do I want it?"

Remember, no amount of past experience, resume building, or connections can carry you through the ebb and flow of business challenges. 

Without a powerful motive, no goal is strong enough to sustain life's challenges.

You and I need a powerful motive. We gain a powerful motive by asking the right questions. My motive is the driving force. I can create a powerful motive by taking time each day to visualize the goal in vivid detail. 

Visualization can be the force to create a mental image of a future event:
• Visualize your ideal health and fitness image
• Visualize your debt shrinking and income rising
• Visualize your new exciting account
• Visualize that family vacation of meaning and satisfaction
• Visualize your family in loving, powerful settings of fun
• Visualize success and significant relationships in business

I love to start each day with "Why do I want it?" It builds a daily fire that often develops into a bonfire that becomes contagious. 

Take 10 quiet minutes today!

Here's to your powerful motive!
- Steve

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