Emotional Intelligence for Customer Service

According to the U.S. Journal of Business, approximately 76% of people who leave a business do so for feelings of indifference. 

Being raised in the restaurant business, my father taught each employee our three keys to success. 

Our three keys to success are:
1. Meet and greet the customer with a smile
2. Surprise and delight with what would be reasonably expected "and them some."
3. Sincerely thank the customer. 

If we could master those three keys, we would succeed. So simple. So uncommon. 

Think about this...
• How many times do you go to a business (any business) and not receive a warm greeting with a smile that says, "I'm happy to see you"? 
• How many times do they fail to deliver "and then some" service?
• How many times, sadly, do they fail to sincerely "thank you?" 

Let's talk about your business and your brand. 

Common wisdom holds that employees who feel upbeat and pleasant will go the extra mile to please customers and therefore improve the bottom line. There is a logarithm that predicts that relationship: For every 1% improvement in the service climate, there is a 2% increase in revenue. 

According to the University of Maryland, it found operations as diverse as bank branches, insurance companies, software sales, call centers, healthcare, hotel, and restaurants that employee's ratings of service climate predicted customer satisfaction, which drove business results. 

Getting to Service with a Smile:
Superior customer service is perhaps affected most by mood contagion.  Emotions flow freely and one generated first and foremost from the point leaders. What is spread is contagious. 

Upbeat moods send a powerful message. "Nice place" and "upbeat people" mean repeat visits and great word of mouth advertising. 

Leaders create an emotional climate that drives the teams moods. When a leader is enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic, their moods rub off on staff. In short, a leaders emotional state and actions do affect how the people they lead feel and perform. 

Here's to your customer service!

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Learn more about Steve's most requested keynote presentations by clicking the image above!

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