Let's Unleash The Leader in You!

Growing Leaders at Every Level.

Let's Unleash The Leader in You!

Growing Leaders at Every Level.

Emotional Intelligence, The NordyWay

Steve Gutzler, keynote speaker, author, and leading authority on Emotional Intelligence, and breAnne O. Reeves, Founder, NordyWay, and coauthor of the Forbes best-selling business book, The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence have teamed up to inspire organizations of all kinds to elevate their EI in order to deliver the most influential and meaningful stakeholder experiences.

Summary of Program:

NordyWay is based on the belief that in business, as well as in life, love wins. Human relationships forged both inside your organization as well as with your customers, partners and other stakeholders are the most important part of your brand’s success. Achieving these goals is virtually impossible without an understanding of EI.

Learn WHY EI is a critical component of leadership success, and WHY you need EI to deliver first-class experiences to all stakeholders. Steve and breAnne’s dynamic and fast-paced presentations will offer you practical tools for professional excellence and high-performance in leadership and life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess one’s level of emotional intelligence in dealing with relationships with others in business and achieving organizational goals
  • Examine our strengths and weaknesses for developing our emotional intelligence
  • Learn the brain science of emotional hijacking moments and strategies for self-regulation of one’s emotions
  • Develop composure skills and redirecting emotions in order to ensure “win-wins”
  • Learn actionable skills for resiliency and stress management
  • Demonstrate and increase empathy by acknowledging the feeling and perspectives of others
  • Recognize the contagious influence of your moods, attitudes, and emotions with leadership encounters
  • Learn how to pick the moments that matter so that you can create the ideal employee and customer experience
  • Understand why increased employee engagement determines the customer experience
  • Learn how to be aware, confident and present so that you best support colleagues, vendors and customers
  • Understand, experience and apply key values during your day-to-day interactions to elevate your customer experience

Target Audience:

Steve and breAnne have presented these topics to a wide array of industries including technology companies, healthcare organizations, sales teams, government agencies, financial advisors, realtors, small business associations, University programs, and leadership conventions and conferences.

Possible Formats:

These presentations are ideal for keynote speaking, half-day, full-day or 2-day workshop formats.

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