Teams 3.0: How to Unlock High Performance Teams

Teams 3.0 don’t settle for normal. They choose to be extraordinary. In this dynamic presentation Steve Gutzler, President of Leadership Quest will show you and your team if you want more out of life, go for more. Raise your expectations as a team. Settle up, rather than down.

Discover the laws of Teams 3.0 and how to unlock high performance and the extraordinary:

  • How the best teams have a “Code of Honor”
  • How innovation is created through smart failures
  • How teams that have each others back create an unstoppable bond
  • How the best performing teams work with passion
  • How 3.0 teams know its always about service “and then some”
  • How 3.0 teams prepare, practice, and deliver remarkable performances

Steve 3.0 teams sound advice and rousing encouragement will help your team shine!

Target Audience:
Steve has presented this to sales teams and organizations, Technology companies, Food and Beverage companies, Government Agencies, Retail, Small Business Associations, University programs, and leadership conventions and conferences.

Possible Format:
This presentation is perfect for conferences and conventions in a 60-90 minutes format. Steve can also deliver a full-day team-building trip around Teams 3.0!