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Understanding the power of your emotions, accepting that they drive your behaviors, and learning to use your self-awareness to build an extraordinary life.



“Plan an emotional re-charge into your day by eating healthy and listening to your inspirational music” –Steve Gutzler

Over ten years ago I became a student of Emotional Intelligence which led to my participation in a four-day training workshop on the fascinating subject. I’ll never forget the first day. It was the day that entirely changed my understanding of leadership, relationships, and life.  The instructor was discussing the topic of emotions and their relationship to our lives. Then, he calmly stated: “Emotions drive behavior.”

For the first time, the words sunk in and stuck.

He then opened the workshop up for discussion and I considered the thoughts: “What about my values?” and “What about my faith?” and, suddenly, “I’m not just a jumbled ball of emotions!” I was feeling hot and frustrated by the instructor’s statement. I was wound up! I was going to prove him wrong. I could feel my temperature beginning to rise, my heart rate begin to quicken, my palms dampen, my lip protest from being bitten, my brow furrow. The instructor spotted me. He pointed out that I seemed to have a strong opinion on the discussion topic. Suddenly, I realized I had become… dare I say it… emotional!

What I learned that day was that my emotions are driving my behaviors. While there are other parts of our lives that are important to us, we need to realize that we are emotional about those elements, which is why they are important to us. My emotional, spiritual, and physical are all intertwined. They each affect each other and, in turn, can affect us and our behaviors.

Not everything we do is driven by our emotions. Not every behavior is dictated by some emotional discharge in our brain. But the majority of our choice of words, our responses to life’s challenges, our performances (for good or bad) are driven by our emotions.


I’ve slowly moved to believe that the majority of my emotional, spiritual, and physical are linked. Every day I am working to be aware of myself and the effect of my actions and emotions on others. Since that workshop ten years ago I have developed my emotional intelligence. But it is a daily journey.

Even though I have been actively working on this for ten years, the other day I was very low on blood sugar because I had not eaten in over eight hours and sure enough it affected my behavior during a stressful meeting. After the meeting I grabbed a quick bite to eat and… Bingo! I suddenly felt enormously better and quickly realized, “Steve, when are you going to learn to stay fueled?” I could have simply snacked on something healthy before the meeting to restore my blood sugar and I would have been able to balance my emotions more effectively despite the intensity of the meeting. I would have had a different result entirely.

Play Big: Key Pointers

  • Be self-aware of emotions driving your behaviors
  • Eat more often- especially healthy snacks
  • Work on yourself first
  • Understand how emotions drive our behaviors
  • Watch you moods and attitudes, they are contagious

Play Big Training

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coachThe most successful coaching clients love to learn; they are coachable. They are wide open to many ideas and new concepts. 

One of my coaching clients has an opportunity to travel to the UK to study the management/leadership practices of a world-class car manufacturer. They are turning the industry upside down with some new break-through, and innovative leadership practices.

He can’t wait to learn and observe.

Other characteristics of a successful leader who is open to coaching include some of these:

Good Communicators

  • High Emotional Intelligence
  • Read others well
  • Listen well
  • Willing to ask questions 


  • Know their strengths
  • Recognize weaknesses
  • Ask for help, support or encouragement
  • Able to describe their preferred learning style


  • Challenges fire them up
  • Sets goals and achieves them
  • Motivated to try new ideas
  • Identify innovative solutions and don’t give up

Appreciates Feedback

  • Willing to discuss their blind spots
  • Values recommendations
  • Solicits regular feedback
  • Open to discuss problems


  • Embraces change
  • Desires candor and truth-telling
  • Takes calculated risks, and challenges self
  • Open to young talent of both genders

The best leaders are coachable. They show up on time and open themselves to loving critics. These are the leaders who gain trust and followers willing to give heart and soul.

Give honest assessment to your personal leadership – how coachable are you as a leader?


For information regarding keynotes, training, and leadership coaching call or contact Steve via his website, email  (, or call him at 425 681 9871


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“The best gift you can give people you lead is a healthy, energized, fully humble, and focused self.”

-Steve Gutzler

 I recently read some work by Daniel Goleman, the author of landmark best-seller: Emotional Intelligence. Goleman has spent much of his time analyzing why only a small percentage of leaders develop to their fullest potential while most hit a plateau far beneath what one might expect from them.

His conclusion? The difference is self-leadership. He calls it Emotional Self Control. According to Goleman, this form of self-control is exhibited by leaders when they persevere in leadership despite overwhelming opposition or discouragement. When they refuse to give up during tough times, when they manage to hold their ego at bay, when they stay focused on their mission rather than being distracted by other people’s agendas – these are the moments that make a leader truly a cut above.

Goleman contends that exceptional leaders distinguish themselves because they know their strengths and limits, and weaknesses.

As I read Goleman’s data, I thought about my own self-leadership. Here is my attempt to better lead myself.

  • I try to practice intense leadership activities quickly followed by time set aside for rest and recovery
  • I have been setting aside 60-90 minutes each week for reflection and solitude
  • I have found a quiet place by a park where I recalibrate my mind, my motives, and remind myself of my calling
  • I established my Eight Key Characteristics of Self-Leadership
  1. Is my vision clear?
  2. Is my passion hot?
  3. Am I developing my gifts?
  4. Is my character solid?
  5. Is my pride subdued?
  6. Am I overcoming my fears?
  7. Is my soul being fed?
  8. Is my pace sustainable?

Can you answer these questions honestly? How are you doing? Take a little time to lead yourself – it is the best gift you can give to others


Leading myself – Steve Gutzler


For information regarding keynotes, training, and leadership coaching call or contact Steve via his website, email (, or call him at 425 681 9871


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