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Imagine Series!

Steve Gutzler —  December 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Now is your time, your time to start living the life you had IMAGINED!

I was like a little kid standing in line at Disneyland. Except this line led to something I had looked forward to seeing for years. I was standing in line in Florence, Italy at the great art museum which housed my favorite Bible character… The statue of David. Julie and I had come to Italy to see all the majestic sites of that country, but this was the one I had been most looking forward to seeing. As I rounded the corner, there stood David. Created by Michelangelo. Breathtaking. Unbelievable. Better, dare I say, than I had imagined! I have often used the story of the creation of David’s statue for years in my speaking. I am a story teller, and this story is stuck deep in my heart and soul. The story of the creation of David is perfect for a series on IMAGINE. Here’s why: Michelangelo was commissioned by the Medici’s, one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Italy, to create a statue for the main square in Florence. For two years, Michelangelo searched for the block of marble to create his masterpiece. Finally, on the back streets of Florence, covered by weeds and dirt, he found it.

He had walked past it many times, but this time he stopped, he looked, and he imagined in his mind’s eye, David. He saw David in its entirety. Then he arranged his workmen to haul the slab to his studio. He went about the task of hammering and chiseling. Two years it took him to create the basic outline of David. It takes much time to create a masterpiece. It was two more years of polishing and sanding before the statue was completed. Six years total. When it was unveiled, thousands came for the public viewing of Michelangelo’s David. Now, here I was, standing in line, hundreds of years later to see the same statue. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Afterward, when Michelangelo was asked how he was able to create such a masterpiece, he replied by saying: He saw David complete and perfect in the marble. All he did was remove everything that was not David.

I have a big David-sized question for you. This is a discussion series and I want to hear from you!

Have you taken time recently to imagine the masterpiece inside of you?

I know this sounds a bit grand but I do believe each of our lives contain David-size possibilities. Our lives are contained in marble, if you will. Like a slab, a bit uninspiring till someone hauls us to the studio and starts hammering and chiseling. All we have to do is remove all the parts of ourselves that aren’t David. Some of that process involves pain, some involves purpose, but all of it takes time. There are so many things that can hold us back from realizing our “Imagined Life,” excessive fears and worries, doubts, and many more. Quite frankly, I think the number 1 reason people fail to realize their masterpiece is that they want it quick and dirty. I want to remind you it took Michelangelo six years to create David. And David was only made from marble, not from heart and soul and mind and spirit. You are going to take much longer. Be patient. You and I are created by a majestic God who has majestic plans for you. But it will take time. Our Imagine Series

  • I want this to be interactive, so please comment and provide examples of how you are realizing your “Imagined Life.” Or things that are holding your back, or have held you back in the past
  • In the weeks ahead, I promise to provide a war-chest of good content. Coaching content to help you realize your Imagined Life
  • We will look at how to create your inspired vision, the power of personal mantras, and focus on daily success strategies.

IMAGINE MOMENTS Take time this week to really think about that masterpiece inside of you- your Imagined Life. Formulate it in your mind’s eye and then we’ll talk about developing strategies for hammering and chiseling, sanding and polishing to make your David appear! Your comments matter! I would love to hear from you! 

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They call it the fog of battle, where all you see and hear is gunfire. When you are in a battle it is hard to maintain clear perspective.

My phone was ringing. I looked down at it and read the caller ID and thought “Wow, one of my favorite coaching clients.” I gave a cheerful hello only to hear a faint voice on the other end. You see, my friend was sitting in his car in a parking garage unable to get out. He was trapped in his car by his own fear and fatigue! This once confident and self-assured president of a company was now child-like and meek.

He related to me over the phone how a series of downward disappointments had beat him up. He couldn’t gather himself to “pull it together” and get out of the car to face another day of “battle.”

I turned from coach to counselor. Trying my very best to encourage him to open the door and head back into it. I promised to meet with him soon for a day of VISIONEERING. Slowly my friend’s voice picked up volume and realization as he stated “Steve, I’ve lost vision. All I see is the battle.”

Vision is a picture of the future which creates passion in the present

I did follow through and I drove to meet him at his location. We spent three hours together rebuilding, rediscovering and renewing his vision.

Vision Question: How is your Vision? Not your sight, your Vision.

What do you see in your future?

Here is a simple but powerful place to start: Ask yourself, “What is it that I really want to accomplish?”

You may want to choose two or three areas to focus and map out on a single sheet of paper. Do not get frozen or fearful. Imagine the possibilities in your career! Your health! Maybe you want to turn that blog into a book. Maybe you want to turn those daily bike rides into a successful bike race. There are so many possibilities that you can accomplish in your life with the right type of Vision!

I once wrote a post about about Michelangelo’s creation process of David. Michelangelo stripped away everything that wasn’t David. But first, he Imagined his Vision of David in his mind.

Ask yourself: What type of person do I want to be?

That question is a great place to begin developing your Vision. Perhaps you want to be more spiritual, more healthy, more fit, more optimistic, or to have remarkable energy that is just irresistible! Here is one activity that can really help build and maintain the power of your Vision:


Lin is an award-winning interior designer. So admittedly, she is a natural at creation. Naturally, when I took Lin through the process of building her vision board, it turned out spectacular! It was aesthetically pleasing and organized. But not all boards have to be beautiful, they just have to display your vision in a way that you understand and that inspires you. On Lin’s board, she placed a picture of her husband and her boating in the San Juan Islands. She had a picture of her working in her garden at home. She had inspiring phrases and quotes.

You get the idea! It was a colorful reminder of her vision of her future life. The idea of the Vision Board is to be a reminder of what we are striving to reach even when we are stuck in the fog of battle. It is a visual vacation that can pull us toward our future selves. Once you regain and maintain your personal and professional vision, energy and oxygen course into your soul and it will fuel your days!

This is a discussion, so help me out here

  • What is that inspiring vision you have for the next two or three years?
  • What do you really want to accomplish?
  • What type of person would you be proud to be?
  • If you were able to get out of the battle for three hours, what would your Vision Board look like?

I am pleased to report that my friend from the beginning of the post is better than ever. In fact, he recently sent me a wonderful spiritual read with a note that inspired me. “Steve, stay encouraged and stay spiritually whole. We need you.” Wow, he just gave me some Vision!

Imagine Your Vision Today!

Please comment below any questions, comments, suggestions, or thoughts. Your thoughts count!

I dropped the wedding cake!

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