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The Best 2014

Steve Gutzler —  January 7, 2014 — Leave a comment


The 100% Question

What would your leadership and business look like if you could spend 100% of your time doing the two or three things that had the greatest impact on your influence and profitability? 

            I simply want you to think about your capacity of time in new terms. What would happen to your business if you actually spent time doing the few things that you enjoy most and produce the greatest impact on your business? What would happen to your productivity ~ your cash flow? What would happen to your client relationships? How would your best clients be served if you weren’t spread too thin? How would your life be different?

  • More time to enjoy your life

  • More free time

  • More time pursuing things that bring satisfaction and meaning

Most people today haven’t taken the time to ask: If I spent 100% of my time on the two or three things that bring the greatest return – impact – influence – and profitability… what would my business and leadership look like?

It’s important to create a “not to do list.” That is closely tied to your personal M.V.P. Most Valuable and Profitable use of time!

2014 can be your most influential successful year only to the extent you leverage more and more focused time on your “main events” your M.V.P.’s. I have three M.V.P.’s recently:

  1. Creating value based content for my clients… coaching, training and speaking content.

  2. Prospecting new clients and fostering existing clients with high trust relationships.

  3. Marketing with purpose and clear strategy.

Note: A good goal would move at least 50% of your time towards your M.V.P.’s.

Take a moment to clarify your three and start leveraging more calendar time and watch your production and profitability go up in 2014!

Here’s to a successful year!

~Steve Gutzler

“My mother always washed our whites twice- the Whitest of Whites”
–Gene Juarez

Being from Seattle there are several iconic landmarks, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and of course the boathouses like the one from Sleepless in Seattle.


We also have some pretty powerful icons, Microsoft, Boeing and, ahh, Starbucks. I am proud and humbled to say each of those are valued clients of mine. I’ve trained teams and built extraordinary relationships with some spectacular leaders from those successful world-class companies.

If you are from the Seattle area, there is another name that might stand out to you, Gene Juarez, Salons and Spas. It is the place for hair design, personal style and the promotion of well being.

A couple years ago I was privileged to emcee at an amazing event where the founder of these salons was speaking. None other than Gene Juarez himself.

Gene came from humble beginnings. In 1971, he started his business with his imagination, his dreams and a handful of rich values passed down from his parents and his culture.

I would like to focus on three points that stood out to me in his message and really impacted me. I was there scribbling down these points while he spoke and wish to now share them with you.

Imagine how values drive your success:

Value #1: Chop Wood and Carry Water- Work-Ethic

Kind of a working-man version of “get to work!” his parents taught him the value of personal drive. He said his parents would often tell him that no one works harder than the Juarezes! Gene said “No matter how tough the economy is, if you out-work your competition, you can succeed”


Value #2: Whitest of Whites- Excellence

Like I mentioned, Gene’s family came from modest means. His mother washed their clothes in a wash barrel, scrubbing each article by hand. She always washed and bleached the whites two times, even though it was twice as much work. It was a matter of pride and excellence to look your best. This is so clearly reflected in his salons and spas today; when you walk into a Gene Juarez, it sparkles with excellence!



Value #3: Woman in the Mirror- Service

I love this one! Gene related to us at the event how when cutting a woman’s hair he would ask her questions about how she wanted to look. He would study her eyes. Eyes, he said, are the gateway to the soul. She would either turn and speak to him in mild, timid ways, or she would look down and not feel pretty or confident. Sometimes the woman would look confidently in the mirror and express her desires. The key Gene said, was to study her eyes, her body language. His goal was to meet individual needs, to make her feel beautiful. It was attention to their personal feelings about themselves that set his service apart! Personal and powerful! When they stepped out of that chair, away from the woman in the mirror, he wanted them to feel extraordinary about themselves.



  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your work-ethic of late?

No matter what you do, cut hair, sell insurance, lay tile, freelance write, own a small business, or work for a large corporation, work ethic is number 1.

I coach all my clients to blueprint out their week. Work hard on things that matter! Get away from what I call “fake work,” those trivial pursuits, those endless hours on twitter and Facebook. Instead, get busy on your “high-value accomplishments.” You’ll soon see greater results and profits!

  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your Excellence?

It starts with appearance and moves to your craft. Look good and perform your best. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but strive for excellence. No one is inspired by low expectations so expect the best from yourself! Do excellent work, eat excellent food, read excellent books, spend time with excellent people. Excellence- make it your new mantra!

  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your Service?

My dad operated a family restaurant for nearly 30 years. He always told his employees and his children, “Treat everyone like a 10. There are no no-counts that come into our restaurant.” Treat everyone like royalty. Do the extras, give them extra and you will hear those magic words “I’ll be back!”


As you head into a new business cycle, imagine and commit to a new level of supreme values personally and professionally. You will see greater results, rewards, and profits!

Who knows, some day you may become a city icon



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“It was not the fatigue or even the cold water that defeated me…”

When she looked ahead, Florence Chadwick saw nothing but a solid wall of fog. Her body was numb. She had been swimming for over sixteen hours.

At age 34, she wanted to be the first woman to swim from Catalina Island to the Californian coast. It was 1952 and millions watched on national television as Florence struggled in the frigid cold waters and dense fog.  Her support boats with her trainer and mother encouraged her to continue on. Sharks cruised toward her body only to be driven away by rifle shots.

They told her it wasn’t much farther. They urged her not to give up. But all she could see was fog. With less than half a mile to shore, she quit.

Several hours later in front of a cluster of reporters she said: “It was not the fatigue or even the cold water that defeated me. It was the fog. I was unable to see my goal.”

Two months later, she tried again. This time despite the same dense fog, she swam with her faith intact and her dream clearly pictured in her mind.

She knew that somewhere beyond the fog was land. And this time she made it! She then became the first woman to swim the Catalina Channel and she even eclipsed the men’s time by TWO HOURS!

What is your Dream? (Even in the next 12-24 months)

  1. You may know it in your heart and mind…
    but you must visualize it clearly, for the fog and the frigid waters of resistance are coming your way. Picture completion. Picture the finish line. It may be a BIG project like a new business opportunity, a meaningful relationship, or a healthy body. Get your vision in crystal clear living color! Lock it in!
  2. Just know everyone, everywhere, experiences the fog
    There is one thing more powerful than the dense fog. A determined Dreamer. You might be in a foggy funk right now. But do not worry. You are not alone. Each of us hit a wall sometimes, but stay encouraged and…
  3. Try again!
    I love the fact that Florence climbed back into those waters just two months later. You too can start again if you are stopped the first time.

You can begin again!

Your dream is not too big for you!

Sometimes when we push through the quitting points, the fog will lift and we will see land. No matter where you find yourself, TRY AGAIN! All the great people have experienced failure. But only the great people will get up and try again despite their failure.
Try again to reach land, to realize your dream!

Come on, keep swimming!

You matter to me,
Steve Gutzler


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