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The Best 2014

Steve Gutzler —  January 7, 2014 — Leave a comment


The 100% Question

What would your leadership and business look like if you could spend 100% of your time doing the two or three things that had the greatest impact on your influence and profitability? 

            I simply want you to think about your capacity of time in new terms. What would happen to your business if you actually spent time doing the few things that you enjoy most and produce the greatest impact on your business? What would happen to your productivity ~ your cash flow? What would happen to your client relationships? How would your best clients be served if you weren’t spread too thin? How would your life be different?

  • More time to enjoy your life

  • More free time

  • More time pursuing things that bring satisfaction and meaning

Most people today haven’t taken the time to ask: If I spent 100% of my time on the two or three things that bring the greatest return – impact – influence – and profitability… what would my business and leadership look like?

It’s important to create a “not to do list.” That is closely tied to your personal M.V.P. Most Valuable and Profitable use of time!

2014 can be your most influential successful year only to the extent you leverage more and more focused time on your “main events” your M.V.P.’s. I have three M.V.P.’s recently:

  1. Creating value based content for my clients… coaching, training and speaking content.

  2. Prospecting new clients and fostering existing clients with high trust relationships.

  3. Marketing with purpose and clear strategy.

Note: A good goal would move at least 50% of your time towards your M.V.P.’s.

Take a moment to clarify your three and start leveraging more calendar time and watch your production and profitability go up in 2014!

Here’s to a successful year!

~Steve Gutzler

slipping funny

When I was growing up, I’d go down the staircase to my room in the basement and I would glance at this long stretch of butcher paper with goals written on it. My dad would put up physical goals, family goals, possible vacation goals, and business goals. Each time he completed a goal he made a BIG check mark right next to it. It was always intriguing to me.

So now that I am grown-up, guess what I have up in my office. One of those big Post-It notes you see at team workshops that you can stick up on the wall. And it is full of goals.

Goals for my leadership business, our non-profit organization, my family, my health, my finances and my spiritual life all cover the board; there are 13 goals in all.

I would like to suggest five ways to keep your goals from slipping in 2013.

1. Create a “Code of Honor”

These are 10-12 promises to yourself you have to keep. Some examples from my code are: be the most positive person I know, be a corporate athlete, and practice daily solitude. I also put my promises down in ink and review them weekly. Your code of honor sets the tone for successful goal-getting!

2. Overcome the Procrastination Gap

I have a super simple, daily system I have used for years. I identify my “vital three” for the day, check to make sure they are aligned to my goals, and blueprint them into my calendar. Remember: what gets scheduled gets done. Don’t assume you’ll get it done because it is in your head. Discipline yourself to put it down in your daily schedule.

3. Avoid Negative Roadblocks

The biggest roadblock I witness in my clients is their own negative noise. Rather than rehash past mistakes, train your mind to focus on your action items. Think on your preferred future!

4. Set Realistic Goals

Get some small wins under your belt and live with a fresh and guilt free attitude. If your goals prove to be lofty, adjust them to the situation around you. Goals should not be barriers which lead to a negative, defeatist attitude.

5. Fire up Your Passion

Passion ignites us to daily accomplishments. Be fully in love with what you do. A wise man once told me that if you ever fall out of love, do the “first love” things again and you will fall back in love. There is nothing like love and passion to amp yourself back up and get you to accomplish your goals.

Which of these five goals can you apply today? Be a goal setter and a goal getter!

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“Steve, do us a big favor. We need you to run to the bakery and pick up the wedding cake. Be back in thirty minutes!”

I love challenging assignments. And I’ve always been a team player. This wedding was definitely a team effort. The couple being wed were my dear friends and I was commissioned to go to the local bakery and pick up the cake. I needed to be back ASAP. I drove off humming “going to the chapel and their going to get married.” I was in a great mood and excited to see these two people begin their lives together.

Then, upon receiving the cake I headed back to my car. The weirdest thing happened… I tripped. I didn’t stumble, I full out tripped on the curb. It felt like a slow motion belly flop into the road, the big box holding the cake flew out of my hands into the air… it turned one and a half giant turns and landed. Flat. Up. Side. Down… “OH —-!”

My mind started racing. It was one of those moments where you wonder if what is happening is actually happening, and pray that it isn’t. I peeled back the lid of the box… all the icing was stuck to the top. The two wedding bells looked up at me like demonic faces. I was dazed. I was confused. Now what?! I was in one big wedding cake mess!

As I sheepishly carried the mushed box into the reception area, preparing my last remarks, a woman greeted me saying “Wonderful, the cake! I bet it’s lovely!”

I looked down at the box, down at my feet, up at the ceiling, at her “Actually, I dropped the sucker.”

You won’t believe what happened next. This may be even more amazing than the slow motion cake-ker-plop. The woman at the reception was a premiere cake designer, a frosting expert, a cake CPR extraordinaire. She said, “how about we give this a little make over!” I nodded thinking it was probably going to be more like a reconstruction. Within minutes she began to recreate, redecorate, and restore the cake’s beauty. Low and behold it looked good as new! Better than new! An amazing new beginning! The cake got a fresh start!

What does a Fresh Start look like for you?

So many of my clients and friends need a fresh start. It is like they have taken a tumble and don’t know how to start getting up.

I would like to offer Seven things you can do today to IMAGINE your Fresh Start

1. Come up with a “One day plan”

When I get stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or broken, I go back to the basics and “live one day at a time. Just map out today. Don’t bite off too much.



2. Get Physical
The stress hormone, Cortisol, can wreck havoc in your mind and emotions and narrow your perspective really quickly! Even you can’t get to the gym, create your own 30 minute home workout. Put on some rocking music and get physical! It will generate positive hormones, natural highs, and boost your self-concept.
3. Focus on Accomplishments
Activities are flooding most people’s busy days. To alleviate a higher impact fresh start, focus on the 20% that gives you the 80% high value return in your work/live balance.

4. Don’t Isolate- Initiate!
Isolation is suffocating people. This world can become small and lonely. Get out there! Meet with that trusted friend or associate that provokes goodness, ideas, and health. Cultivate a rhythm of meeting with the best and the bright. You become who you associate with. Associate with winners!
5. Eat to Win
You don’t have to be a health nut. But pick good food choices that fuel your days. Try things like cut veggies, raw almonds, cranberries, or whole wheat crackers. Double your water intake. And try some new natural supplements. Build your immune system daily and you moods will level out as well. And you will rarely be sick!
NOTE: If you’re a parent, check out… @unhealthytruth for a roadmap to nutritional health!
6. Unplug One Day a Week
I know, I know, impossible right? Wrong. The primary downfall I see with technology and social media is people have no start and no ending. No healthy breaks. It is a constant techno beat. The world goes from vivid color to black and white. Talk about a technology burn out, baby! Give your mind, your soul, and your spirit a break. Your family will like you a whole lot more too! I unplug every Sunday, and I love it!
7. Practice Guilt Free Rest
When your body and mind say “I need a break,” don’t push through every time. Treat your body like a temple, like a precious gift. Allow for your human limitations. Allow yourself to let go and relax and recover. Grant yourself permission for a Fresh Start!