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Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership

Harness the power of the number one predictor of professional success and high performance!

Summary of Program:

In today’s fast-paced competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader? Emotional Intelligence (EI), our ability to manage ourselves and others around us, is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and high performance in leadership.
In this dynamic presentation, you will discover:

  • The power of moods, attitudes and emotions and their contagious ability
  • How effective leaders self-manage emotions rather than allowing them to sabotage personal success
  • Understand the science of the human brain and how it influences our behaviors
  • Learn game-changing skills to build emotional connections with clients and customers and build fierce loyalty
  • Create leadership standards of inspired greatness and break the cycle of fear

Target Audience:

Steve has presented this topic to a wide array of industries including technology companies, sales teams, government agencies, financial advisors, realtors, small business associations, University programs, and leadership conventions and conferences.

Possible Formats:

This presentation is ideal for Keynote speaking ranging from 45-60 minutes long. It can also be delivered in a workshop or half-day seminar.

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