The Two Minute Drill eBook:

How to be a great leader under intense pressure! The Two Minute Drill is a short e-book that contains 7 principles to enable you to grow your leadership effectiveness under pressure. With these seven principles you will be prepared to face your real life two-minute drill and come out highly successful.  
“The Two Minute Drill is a small book that carries a lot of punch. It essentially asks leaders whether they relish challenges in their life or slink off to the end of the bench. Using tried and true coaching strategies, the author breaks leadership into 7 categories…A very helpful book on how to get back on track as a leader.”
– LaRae Quy


Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership eBook

This new book focuses on you individually as a leader. It follows the story of a young woman Steve Gutzler and Leadership Quest had the privilege of coaching who was extremely skilled but was holding herself back with her poor emotional self- and team-management. This book will provide you with six weeks worth of coaching insight in six chapters each dedicated to a specific emotional intelligence cornerstone. Learn to identify your personal areas of emotional intelligence weakness and how to improve them and thus improve your leadership effectiveness. The book includes specific success strategies and competencies for you to practice as you improve your personal leadership.

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