Twelve Ways to Boost Your Daily Results

Nearly anyone can achieve flash-in-the-pan success. But, if you want to achieve sustainable results as a personal leader, we need to implement successful habits and daily practices day after day. 

I've created a go-to list that reminds me every day of my "daily practices." 

Here are twelve ways to boost your daily results:
1. I choose a capital "A" attitude.
2. I focus on my MVPs (Most Valuable and Profitable- priorities).
3. I am a "corporate athlete" and follow healthy protocols. 
4. I put "family first" and communicate daily with each member.
5. I start my day with a 20/20/20.
20 minutes spiritual/20 minutes reading/20 minutes planning
6. I keep my commitments and am early for each appointment.
Being "on time" is being late for me
7. I am a responsible money manager and consider it stewardship not ownership.
8. I try to deepen my faith daily by sincerely connecting daily with God.
9. I show respect to everyone and practice the "golden rule."
10. I invest in solid relationships and initiate times to break-bread.
11. I am intentionally generous and practice generosity. 
12. I live my "top 5" values:
Faith, Family First, Work Hard, Leadership, and Have Fun

I seek to experience life daily... for I only get one opportunity in this beautiful journey. I would never pretend to "hit the mark" every day but my "daily dozen" keeps me focused on my daily practices I'm striving for. 

Take a moment to create your list. Remember, we become whatever we focus on. 

You will see for greater results with intentional daily practices. 

Here to your daily dream!

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