3 Ways on How to Get the Best Out of Others

In mid-January, I spent three days on the campus of Microsoft Procurement training leaders on the Power of Influence and Impactful Leadership. This interaction and discussion was purposeful and impactful. We discussed how powerful their influence was and how they could provide inspiration, direction, clarity, and high performance to others!
Today, I believe a lot of leaders fail to realize the power of their influence. So, let’s lift our sights a bit and remember we are called to develop more leaders, not more followers.
With that being said, I’d like to provide you with three powerful reminders of how to bring out the best in others:
1. Express bold appreciation
To bring out the best in your team and those you work with, celebrate the success of those around you as if they are your own accomplishments.
Question: When was the last time you sent an appreciation note? Not an email, a hand-written note. In fact, today might be a great day to order some nice note cards!
2. Ask what people enjoy and excel at most
One of my favorite leaders keeps these questions close-by to ask others:
• What do you enjoy most about your job/work?
• What do you feel you excel at?
• What do you like least?
• Talk to me about your working rhythm and style.
• What do you enjoy about teamwork?
• Do you view yourself as a leader?
• What drives and motivates you?
3. Remind them of TEAM
TEAM= Together Everyone Accomplishes More. We have to remind one another it’s not just about “me,” it’s about “we.”
Together we can generate a multiplication of success rather than an addition.

To bring out the best ask:
• What do you think we should do right now… our vital three?
• What opportunities are we missing that we should seize?
• What information or ideas do you have that would be beneficial?
Remember, your goal is to develop and bring out the BEST in others—to build a cohesive team of clarity and energy!
Here is bringing out the best in those around you! 

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