8 Difference-Maker Qualities for Leaders


During World War II, the British people were led by Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. He led them during the dark-days of conflict with the Nazi's. 

Churchill had his faults and flaws but without a doubt was a leader of hope. As the Nazi's raced across Europe picking off countries and bombing England non-stop, the giant task of taking on Hitler and the Nazi's seemed overwhelming, if not impossible. 

Against all odds, the British people prevailed. How did a small nation with a big-hearted leader prevail? When Churchill was asked to identify the greatest weapon to withstand the dark-days of hitler, he responded with one word, HOPE. 

If you are in business for yourself, manage or lead a team... hope is the difference maker. Hope can be your greatest asset against temporary setbacks or losses. 

I'd like to suggest Eight Difference Making Qualities for Personal Leaders:
NOTE: Make the application in your work this week. 
1. Hope looks for clues in setbacks and defeats but pivots a failure into a friend, coach, and mentor.
2. Hope unlocks the door to new beginnings and finds new enthusiasm with the rising of a new day.
3. Hope regards a problems as a challenge to conquer and gets fired-up around solutions to prove other wrong. 
4. Hope diminishes fear with faith and realizes action is the antidote to fear. 
5. Hope looks for fresh, new opportunities and brainstorms with like-minded optimists. 
6. Hope leverages strength zones and places other people where they can flourish in their giftings. 
7. Hope keeps cynicism at arms length and ignores naysayers
8. Hope says "wow" to new ideas, rather than "how." Hope finds the way!

I challenge you to go on a "30 day challenge," your very own hope campaign. If you want to find the motivation to bounce back from a loss, tap into the power of hope. Keep these eight qualities before you. With fresh new hope comes fresh new opportunities. 

Here to your hope!

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