Emotional Intelligence: Good Moods Generate Great Performance

I had a wonderful day being the opening Keynote Speaker for the BC Sports Conference in Vancouver, BC in mid-January. Having the privilege of speaking to coaches who influence the lives of thousands of young athletes in multiple sports was a huge honor.
One of my primary messages was, “When players feel good, they perform at their best. Feeling good lubricates mental efficiency and helps a ‘player get in the flow.’”
Upbeat music, research verifies, makes people view themselves, others, and events in a more positive light. That, in turn, helps people feel more optimistic about their ability to reach a goal and succeed.
What about your leadership today?
Consider a study of sixty-two CEO’s and their top management teams—this included CEOs from some of the leading fortune 500 companies, as well as leading US services companies. The CEOs and management teams were assessed on their ability to be:
• Upbeat
• Energetic
• Enthusiastic
• Resilient
• Emotionally Balanced
The study found that the more positive the overall moods of top management team members are, the more cooperatively they work together and the better they perform. They discovered that every person’s best talents and full force depends on the groups emotional intelligence.
Leaders skilled in healthy communication and upbeat collaboration create a friendly and effective climate that lifts everyone’s spirits and performance. Be a leader who shares high levels of emotional intelligence and watch your teams results increase!
Here’s to your upbeat mood!

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