Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

When I was attending college in Los Angeles, I was sitting in a diner with a friend after a late-night study session when he commented about a movie playing down the block. He was reading about it on the marquee. As I looked where he was reading from, all I saw was fuzzy words. That was a stark revelation; my poor eyesight led to glasses and later to contact lenses. 

Everything you see, including yourself, must travel through your own lens. The problem is, your lens is blurry, fuzzy, and tainted by your own experiences, your beliefs, and without question, your emotions and feelings. 

BIG IDEA: Often, there is a big difference between how we see our leadership effectiveness and how others see us. 

This gap is the rich source of lessons and wisdom that we build called self-awareness.

• Self-awareness is the process of getting to know yourself through the inside, out
• Self-awareness is the process of getting to know yourself outside, in
• The only way to grow your self-awareness is to be open to feedback from your peers, mentors, supervisors, and friends. 

As you ask for feedback around your personal leadership, be sure to get specific examples and situations that answer the following questions:
• What do I do that is effective and smart, as a leader?
• What do I do that is not effective?
• What do I do that positively influences others?
• What do I need to do that may help me change or grow as a leader?

The key: Look for similarities in your actionable intel and feedback. 

It might sting at first, but going on what I call a "listening tour" can grow your leadership immediately. By finding the internal courage to hear what others see, you can reach new heights of self-awareness that few leaders reach and attain. 

Here's to greater self-awareness! 

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