Emotional Intelligence: How Changing Our Moods Changes Our Behavior

My Dad had a classic phrase whenever I found myself in a bad mood. He would say, "Steve, change the channel." Could it be that easy? 

Often, I could change the channel. The result was a five-minute bad mood didn't turn into a 15-hour sour day with bad behaviors to match. 

I'm around a lot of adults (dare I say Leaders) who still need to practice the power of "changing the channel."

Have you observed how your mood drives your behaviors?

When I feel an internal joy, I feel more energized. When my mood feels purposeful and happy, I am more likely to be patient and show kindness to others. When I'm in a good mood, I'm more productive. 

Life is not a series of obligations but ongoing opportunities I feel blessed to embrace. 

In my Emotional Intelligence presentations, I explain how our emotions, moods, and attitudes are the driving power in our lives. 

What is a mood and why is it so important? 
• It is the "advance force" to our true self for that day
• It is our inward, unseen self that becomes our outward self
• It becomes our "best friend" or "worst enemy"
• It is the force that draws great people and great ideas to us, or the force that quenches relationships
• It reflects and reveals the "why" to our past
• It is the prophet to our future
• It must be intentionally attended each day

Our moods are our emotions sustained over the course of the day. 

One of my favorite quotes is, "Don't accept your life. Lead your life!" 

Remember, whatever holds your attention will determine your actions. In other words, your behaviors will follow your mood. The two cannot be separated. 

Take moments each morning to fill your mind with inspirational thoughts. I'm a BIG believer in morning rituals which includes mood enhancing practices. 

If your behaviors are lacking a bit, don't push harder. Instead, place setting a good mood as a high priority. 

What are three or four ways you can improve your mood and change the channel?

Here is to a great week ahead! 


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