Mastering Each of the 4 Seasons of Success

Living in the Seattle area, we definitely have wonderful seasons. And although I love spring and summer, I do embrace and enjoy every season. Seasons always come in sequences. Spring follows winter, and the same is true for the seasons of success. 

Truth: You cannot harvest life's rewards without first planting seeds. 

You may want to spend your entire life in the harvest season, but it just doesn't happen that way. 

We have all been given "seeds" in our lives. It is up to us to plant and cultivate several "crops" for life simultaneously. 

We must plant seeds in:

  • Our family relationships
  • Our careers and professions
  • Our health and fitness
  • Our finances
  • Our personal growth
  • Our spiritual peace
  • Our fun and recreation 

Learn the secret to mastering each of the four seasons:
Winter: A Season for Planning
Bi-monthly, I meet for the day with a high-level group of Leaders and CEOs called Leadership Edge. CEO, Janelle Brulland, and I co-lead this exceptional day. During our last meeting in 2016, Janelle presented on "How to Calendar Plan Your Entire Year." She explained how she takes the final two weeks of each year to plan and organize key days (and weeks) around her vision, dreams, and goals. 

Goals are set and actual schedules are planned. Obviously ongoing details and priorities will emerge along the way but the BIG goals and plans, however, are pre-set in winter. 

Spring: A Season for Planting
I get spring fever, for good reason. It is a season to put winter's plans into action. Spring is a time for enthusiastic activity, a time for intentional planting, and a time for great impact. 

Spring is a time to start moving. The sooner you plow and plant, the sooner you will see a harvest. 

You may want to plant some new seeds for your health and fitness. 
You may want to plant some abundant seeds in your business. 

Summer: A Season for Perspiration
Summer is a great season for sunshine and longer days. Summer can also be a bit tedious. It requires regular cultivation, watering, and fertilization. Summer is a time for great growth. 

I've found summer is time to keep working and trust in the plans made in winter and the seeds planted in spring. 

Fall: A Season of Harvest
While I make the most of each season, fall is a time of reaping and harvest. It's a time to receive the products of our labors. It brings feelings of accomplishment and blessings. 

Maybe you didn't get started as early as you'd like with your seasons. It's never too late to start fresh. And, with a new year ahead of us, why not start now? 

As I pen these words into winter, what do you say we plant some seeds now? I mean today, this week. Wherever you find yourself, do what is right for this season. Give it some grit. Give all you've got. Don’t worry about outcome— welcome each season with open arms! 

In time, each season will work for you, as you master each of the four seasons of success. 

Here's to a successful four seasons in 2017! 


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