15 Big Ways Leaders Make a Difference

I stood before a fantastic group of leaders from the United States District Court (Eastern District of Missouri) and said.... "Leadership is not a one-cut diamond, it is multidimensional." 

These leaders make a meaningful and purposeful difference each day in our courts. Leadership requires our best. It is demanding and complex. It is also at times not recognized or fully appreciated. 

I'd like to offer a list of 15 Big Ways Leaders Make a Difference:

1.  Leaders make a daily decision to make a difference each day by how they show up with an intentional positive attitude.

2. Leaders risk putting others first when our culture says, "focus on yourself."

3. Leaders define reality in order to improve the situation at work and at home.

4. Leaders do not accuse others to excuse themselves, they take responsibility.

5. Leaders are optimistic. They see solutions where others see problems.

6. Leaders live their values while others talk about their values.

7. Leaders are open to "new ways" of doing things, they keep an open-mind and open- heart.

8. Leaders know their priorities based on their Big Goals and high pursuits.

9. Leaders contain their ego and stay humble, even during successful seasons.

10. Leaders develop other leaders. They invest in other leaders.

11. Leaders show courage and conviction during tough times.

12. Leaders show equal care and equal determination at home and at work.

13. Leaders project enthusiasm and energy. They know their attitude and mood is contagious. 

14. Leaders inspire others with a vision of what they can contribute.

15. Above all, leaders refuse to quit or "give in" - they show courage in the battles of life. 

I hope these leadership thoughts inspire you and get your heart pumping. You and I can make a difference this day, this week, this year, in a BIG way!

Thank you again to the U.S. District Court leaders for inspiring me in all you do.

Here's to our difference making!


"Steve, thank you again for such a great presentation given to our association during our annual conference.  Your speech was very well received and completely motivated our membership." 

Charles R. Diard, Jr.
Clerk of Court, United States District Court, Southern District of Alabama


Click to download my informational flyer on Emotional Intelligence. 

Click to download my informational flyer on Emotional Intelligence. 

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