10 Questions Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Ask

I have learned good questions inform me;

great questions have the power to transform me. 

Last week I joined CEO Janelle Bruland (Management Services Northwest) in co-leading our bi-monthly Leadership Edge group. Leadership Edge is a hand selected group of CEO's and high-level leaders who meet for a focused and intentional half-day of leadership discussion, sharpening one another and sharing best practices. 

The Leadership Edge plus spouses enjoying a social afternoon at the Woodmark Hotel. 

The Leadership Edge plus spouses enjoying a social afternoon at the Woodmark Hotel. 

Discussions range from self-leadership tactics, building cohesive teams, vision casting, developing strategy, customer obsession and the power of personal influence. Usually someone in the group leads a discussion topic, which opens powerful dialogue. Questions follow, great questions. Questions that unlock greater insights, wisdom and leadership impact.

In my opinion, every one of these exceptional leaders possess two exceptional traits:

1.  The rare and remarkable trait of humility. No one has arrived, we are all in the process of growing our leadership influence and effectiveness.

2.  Each member is Emotionally Intelligent. This is apparent by their curiosity and genuine intent to ask questions of other leaders. No one takes centerstage. Everyone is self-aware, respectful and gleaming from others.

10 Questions Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Ask: 

The next time you are with a key leader or group of leaders, here are some great questions to unlock transforming answers.

1. What is the greatest lesson you have learned this last year as a leader? (You will discover the wisdom of lessons learned.)

2. What are you learning right now as a leader? (You will discover their passion and thirst for personal development.)

3. How has failure sharpened you as a leader? (You will discover keys to self-resiliency, humility and perseverance.)

4. Who do you know whom I should know? (You will discover leaders of influence to grow your strategic network.)

5. What have you read that I should read? (You will discover fresh insights to learn and grow.)

6. What one leadership skill are you focused on to develop? (You will discover the intentional development of their leadership.)

7. What one area of character are you developing? (You will discover a heart of humility and strength.)

8. What is your number one priority a leader? (You will discover their focus.)

9. What are you delegating, outsourcing or eliminating? (You will discover prioritization.)

10. What brings you most meaning in life and leadership? (You will discover deep values that drive them.) 

"Any leader who asks the right questions of the right people has the potential to discover and develop great ideas." - John Maxwell

Here's to sharpening your skills as an Emotionally Intelligent Leader!


Blessings to you,


Sneak Peak: Steve Live

Sneak Peak: Steve Live

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