Leaders Partner With Like-Minded Exemplary Leaders

"A strong partnership divides the effort and multiplies the effect."

Twice a year, I am privileged to host an evening of Exemplary Leadership. We personally invite high-level leaders, many of whom are coaching clients and influential partners, for an evening of connecting and networking.

The Purpose: Powerful things happen when leaders meet and greet. Strategic networking and connection occurs. "Iron sharpens iron." An added benefit, we get to hear two leaders share their journey and learn two or three of their "best practices". 

This last event was co-hosted by Acadia Healthcare with special thanks to Janelle Cronk (National Strategic Account Manager), Bill Anderson (CEO of Sierra Tucson), and Joe Tinervin (CEO of Bayside Marin).

Our two extraordinary speakers were Doug Dreher (CEO of the Hotel Group) and Chuck Arnold (COO of the Seattle Seahawks). When you partner with like-minded, value-based leaders, there is no telling what kind of positive results might come out of it.

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Intentional Application:

Partner with like-minded, value-based people, who strive to become Exemplary Leaders. 

How do you find and partner with these leaders? My personal approach, I look for the "definite dozen" qualities:

  1. Leaders who think, "others first"
  2. Big thinkers
  3. Demonstrate grit
  4. Understand their gifts are 1/2 of the success formula
  5. Servant leaders
  6. Solution finders
  7. Powerful influencers
  8. Growth mindset
  9. Strategic networkers
  10. Leaders who believe: "The Best is Yet to Come"
  11. Synergy creators
  12. Legacy builders (today! They don't wait for tomorrows!)

Partner today with other like-minded and like-valued people, dedicated to making a difference for (and in) others. That is how we achieve a life and leadership that matters. 

Here's to building strong partnerships!



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