3 Keys to A Championship Routine

I was watching bits and pieces of the Masters Golf Tournament on TV a few weeks ago. They highlighted golfer Jack Nicklaus who was famous for his pre-shot routine. A series of mental and physical steps that got him fully focused and ready for the shot. 

  • Start out behind the ball
  • Pick out an intermediate spot between the ball and the target
  • Line up club face to the ball
  • Put feet into position
  • Take stance
  • Waggle the club, look at target and intermediate target
  • Strike the ball with confidence

A sports psychologist timed Nicklaus from the moment he pulled the club out of his bag until he hit the shot. From the 1st tee to the 18th tee, he found that the timing of Jack's routine never varied more than 1 second

Coaching Moment: A championship routine does not vary. It's consistent. I've found "when I'm on my game", I have a steady routine that gets me in a healthy flow and rhythm. 

Here are 3 Keys to a Championship Routine:

1. Get Consistent

Set a specific time (for example) to rise each morning. Do not rush your day, it's like rushing a shot. There should be a mental, physical, and spiritual element to prepare you for a championship day. Find a nice morning ritual that sets your focus and helps you visualize a successful day. 

2. Get Clear

My most important 15-20 minutes each morning is "my calibration appointment", a recurring appointment set to review my documented priorities. Then I set my top 3 MVP (most valuable and profitable) accomplishments for the day. My Vital 3.

Championship Question: "If I only did 3 things today, what actions will produce the greatest results in moving me closer to my "Big Goals"?"

3. Get Confident

Just like competitive sports, confidence is key. In business and leadership, it is important to move freely and confidently. You can't force confidence, but you can assist confidence. As you take moments with a purposeful and disciplined routine, you will grow your personal confidence. 

  • You'll feel better prepared
  • You'll feel greater focus
  • You'll feel ready to face your day

I would love to hear what works well for you!

All the best,

Steve Gutzler

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