14 Powerful Phrases Creative, Innovative Leaders Speak

It may be time to change up your game. It may be time to change the phrases you speak. It may be time to generate creativity, innovation, and possibilities.

Your language always precedes your actions and results.

Do you need a new perceptive in your career? Do you need a fresh set of successes that generate momentum? 

Here is a list of creativity generators, a list of phrases leaders use:

  • I'm innovative and creative
  • I generate smart failures that lead to fresh new successes
  • I ask questions that lead to new information and new ways of doing things
  • I know there is more than one way of doing things... I need to stay humble and seek out new ideas
  • I don't always have to be practicable, I can take new risks
  • I think more about my influence, impact and inspiring others rather than my image or impressing others
  • I ask "why not" and "why not now"
  • I repeat Impossible - Possible - Done!
  • I could care less about critics and more about my passion to influence and change lives
  • I value and seek out possibility thinkers
  • I reward great ideas, for they are the leaders of our new frontier
  • I believe my imagination is a great asset, next to my energy
  • I believe my IQ and education has allowed me a door of opportunity and my creativity and dedication has allowed me a legacy of Impact and Inspiration
  • I believe failure is not final, it is a friend, mentor and coach to greatness!

If you think you have a great idea, don't let anyone (including yourself) talk you out of it. Don't let "creativity killers" subject you to small thinking. You can't do something new and exciting if you allow old ruts to run your life and career.

Don't just work harder at the same old thing. Make a change. Start with the language of Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership. 

I am exited to hear about your new ideas of greatness!

Here's to innovative leaders!


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