Emotional Intelligence (EI): What Are You Spreading?

Emotions spread like viruses. The Yale University School of Management found that among working teams, cheerfulness and warmth spread most easily. That positive moods are contagious. Moods, the Yale study found, influence how effectively people work; upbeat moods boost cooperation and business performance. 

Did you know your mood influences the people around you more than your grasp of facts or business strategies? 

Did you know your friends and associates are triggered by your emotions?

Did you know that your families moods in large part is a result of the mood you display each day, each hour, each moment?

Emotions spread like viruses.

Have you been around a negative, moody person? Negative emotions - especially chronic anger, anxiety, and a sense of futility - powerfully disrupt work, hi-jacking attention from the task at hand. 

Both good and bad tend to perpetuate themselves. When people around you sense you are upbeat, they see the light in a situation and want more of what you have. 

Today, I encourage you... I challenge you to be aware of your moods. My dad used to say, "Steve, a positive mood is just as easy to set as a negative. Be positive Steve, you will gain better results and attract better people." A positive upbeat mood can drive better results for you. An upbeat mood may seem trivial, but there is nothing trivial about the results and people you attract. Emotions driven in the right direction have a positive impact on your business strategies and bottom line earnings. 

A positive upbeat mood can drive better results for you.
— SG

Here's to building better moods that drive outstanding results!


In today's fast-paced competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader? Emotional Intelligence (EI), our ability to manage ourselves and others around us, is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and high performance in leadership.

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