27 Leadership Tips That Drive Remarkable Results

1. Don't cling to outdated business plans. Define a new plan that inspires greatness.

2. Don't blame or point fingers. Step up, take full responsibility and lead the way!

3. Be likable! No one likes an irritable leader.

4. Take time for healthy habits. It is not an option if you don't have time.

5. Be authentic! Build trust with honest and open communication. Create roundtables when your team can "ask anything". 

6. Focus on results.  A great leader cares about results. Managers are more concerned with process.

7. Never be complacent. Be passionate and always explore new and better possibilities.

8. Don't find fault, instead find a remedy. Build a team of "solution finders".

9. Empower and recognize great ideas. The leaders are the ones with the best ideas.

Be extraordinary in kindness. Be proud, but stay grounded and humble.
— Steve Gutzler

10. Always show up with a smile. Remember your mood, attitude, and emotions are contagious. Be who you want to see!

11. Become a "thought" leader in your industry. Read to lead. Double your knowledge to triple your influence. 

12.  Let go of the past. Don't spend time and energy rehearsing what is behind you. Focus 100% of your energy on where you are headed!

13. Have laser focus on a few things that can be game-changing. 

14. Build your team up with words that electrify.  Words have the power of life and death. Speak words of life.

15. Use questions to unlock actionable intel. Be the best listener you know!

16. Pray for wisdom

17. Take time on Friday for "Thinking Time". 30-60 minutes to reflect and review the week.

18. Treat everyone with the upmost respect. Especially people who need to be lifted up and encouraged. 

20. Let the "Big Time" be where you are. Do not look in envy at someone else's assignment. 

21. Take time off! Plan vacations. Journal. Exercise. Sleep Well. Unplug. Enjoy Life. Laugh more often!

22. Be extraordinary in kindness. Be proud, but stay grounded and humble. 

23. Set high expectations for yourself and others. No one is inspired by low expectations.

24. Do creative work in the 1st half of your day and reactive work in the 2nd half.

Words have the power of life and death. Speak words of life.
— Steve Gutzler

25. Do not complain. 95% of the world would love your worst day.

26. Never shoot from the hip. Prepare for each encounter. Make good moments great by better preparation.

27. Sincerely thank people. Especially people on your team. Treat them like royalty. 


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In today's fast-paced competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader? Emotional Intelligence (EI), our ability to manage ourselves and others around us, is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and high performance in leadership.

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