How Leaders Earn Loyalty That Drives Results

Whether you are an individual contributor or a positioned leader, we each have one primary responsibility  -  earn respect, earn loyalty. Loyalty from your team and clients is the key to sustainable success. Charisma may gain a quick-shot of success, but character will build a life-time of success. 

I believe your personal leadership brand is built each day. What you did last year, last quarter, even last week doesn't cut it for today. I've witnessed far too many leaders underestimate the value of building true, authentic loyalty. 

How do leaders earn loyalty that drives amazing results?

It happens when someone you work with or partner with as a client feels highly valued and empowered by you!

I am working with a senior leader right now who is re-investing in his team members. Here are his "Big 3" to ensure they feel valued:

  1. Get to know his team again. The quickest way to build loyalty and relationships is to get to know and understand each person on the team. To understand the heart of the person, look at what he or she aspires to do. 
  2. Earn respect daily. Every major survey on leadership puts trust as #1. It is the essential factor if other people are going to follow that person over time. People must experience the leader as believable, credible, and trustworthy. 
  3. Focus on strengths not weaknesses. When you look at your team, if you did nothing other than put each player in his or her strength zone, you would greatly increase loyalty and increase productivity. 

Ask them two empowering questions to unlock their strengths: What do you enjoy doing most in your work? What do you excel at most? 

If you find their "niche", you'll find their energy and productivity accelerates. In return they will give you: 

  • Passion
  • Personal Sacrifice
  • Respect
  • Leads and Referrals
  • Extra Support
  • Protection
  • Feedback
  • Instruction to avoid costly mistakes

One of the greatest gifts you can gain from your team and clients is loyalty. It needs to be earned. You can not demand or rush it. I challenge you this week to go the extra mile with those on your team. Earn their respect. Earn the right to be heard, to be followed. 

What "Big 3" item above can you work on? The payoff and benefits will fuel renewed results. 

Here's to Earning Loyalty!

Blessings to you,

Steve Gutzler

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