5 Big Priorities for Leaders

Each day I have to remind myself to focus on what matters most. Prioritization. Quality. 

I see far too many leaders squandering precious time on low priorities and trivial activities. Recently, one of my senior leader coaching clients took my personal leadership challenge to perform a "time audit" on her calendar. To go back and track her time usage and determine what amount of time was truly high priority. What she discovered was a shocking amount of low priority work. To her credit she has since re-calibrated her days and hours to reflect her stated desired outcomes. Now that's courageous leadership built upon actionable intel!

Show me an effective profitable leader, I'll show you a man or woman relentlessly protecting priorities.

I'd like to offer 5 Big Priorities for Leaders

1. Strengthen relationships on your team.  Fedex founder Fred Smith said, "Federal Express, from its inception, has put people first. Our corporate philosophy is: People - Service - Profit." Know the people on your team. Get to know their aspirations and goals. Treat them well. Give them opportunities to grow and develop and you will retain the best and brightest. 

2. Invest 80% of your time in your most valuable and profitable clients.  The ROI, Return On (your) Investment, when you pour value into your MVP clients will compound your efforts and profits. Take care of the best and you will receive more of the best. 

3. Do less, but more focused work. Each day I try to do less busy work. I practice my coaching motto: delegate, outsource and eliminate. It allows me "laser focus" on important work that only I should focus on, high value work. I would rather do one BIG activity/accomplishment each day then ten small-value activities.

4. Take time to plan and strategize. Each morning I practice a ritual hour. That sacred enclosure allows me to get clear and move toward powerful plans. I then team-up with my executive assistant to map out our strategies based on our desired outcomes. I encourage you to block out some time to plan. Sharpen your focus around your desired outcomes. Your "must-haves". 

5. Build higher expectations. I've discussed that clear expectations creates momentum in personal performance and goals. Motivation is always in direct proportion to the level of my expectations. It's the job of the leader to define the "win". In my experience, if I expect great things from my team, they'll go to great lengths to generate great results. Good people always rise to our level of expectations. 

Which one or two priorities can you focus on this week to generate new successes?

Have a wonderful (productive) week,


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