The Leaders Secret Weapon

When I ask people at leadership development presentations, "what does it take to be successful in business and life?" Often they list talent, gifts, personal drive, seizing opportunities, etc. When I ask people, "what will protect and maintain their success?", almost always I hear character

Character protects your talent. With character, all those attributes that lead up to success helps a leader sustain success. 

One of my leadership coaching clients recently said, "Steve, character is my secret weapon. It's the single greatest quality that has allowed me to build, maintain and reproduce success in life and business."

Lack of character is the deal-breaker. Character is the total of all our daily choices. 

Character: It is consistency of values ideals, thoughts, words and actions. 

Character Assessment and Questions:

  • Do I show up on time?
  • Do I keep my word and refuse to over promise and under deliver?
  • Do I keep my personal promises and resolutions?
  • Do I place more importance on looking good and people pleasing rather than maintaining my personal standards and ethics?
  • Do I shade the truth?
  • Do others trust my word?
  • Do I do what's right when no one is looking? 

Character begins with open honesty with yourself and others. Everyone has blind spots and weak areas that can be strengthened. It's never too late to restore personal character. 

Practical Coaching Tip: Select one character trait to develop and work on practical ways to strengthen it. 

Example: Showing up on time. 

Action: I will strive to always "be early" not "on time" or worse, "late". 

Accountability: I will keep an entry log on every appointment and personal commitment. Keeping myself accountable - being late or tardy is unacceptable and soon I will be known as a man of integrity in regards to my discipline of time and honoring of others schedules. 

Remember: When values, thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and his or her character is strengthen. That allows a leader to build, maintain and sustain success. 

Here's to your secret weapon... CHARACTER!


Honored to partner with the Bellingham Police Department in Emotional Intelligence training last week! What an amazing group of officers and staff! 

Honored to partner with the Bellingham Police Department in Emotional Intelligence training last week! What an amazing group of officers and staff! 

Empowerment Behind the Badge -
Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership

In today's fast-paced and pressure filled law enforcement work environment, how effective are you as a leader of influence, impact, and inspiration? Emotional Intelligence (EI) is our ability to self-manage our emotions and navigate successfully under stress is the game changer.

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