10 Ways to Believe in Yourself for 2017

When I was in college, I took a Teaching Internship at a small inner-city high school in Los Angeles and was assigned to be the Physical Education Teacher.  I was in charge of putting together our upcoming "track and field team." 

After having very little success motivating and placing students in events, I decided to focus on their personal beliefs.

I focused on positives. I focused on my language and words. I focused on their strengths. 

Soon, I sensed the tide shifting. I could almost see the transformation of their beliefs and confidence emerging.

When we finally completed our city-wide track-meet, our school took second place. Being the smallest school, the students took great pride in our accomplishments.

Steps to Build Your Personal Belief
Just like most students, we often feel the odds are stacked against us. If you don't believe you can succeed, please take heart to the following ten suggestions.

1. Guard your inner dialogue.
Don't allow negative self-talk to undermine your goals to achievements. 

2. Focus on improvements, not comparing yourself.
Your personal mission is to become better today than yesterday. Don't compare yourself to others.

3. Break down fears with small action steps.
F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real
With each small action, fears get smaller and smaller.

4. Lift others; it will lift you.
It's hard to feel bad about yourself when you're doing something good for someone else.

5. Act yourself into feelings rather than feel your way into action.
You and I can actually "act yourself" into feeling good. (Do a 20-minute workout today, take a 10-minute walk, or do 5-minutes of stretching). 

6. Organize your work-place and keep your home well-ordered
Clutter adds stress. Cleanup to go up!

7. Buy 3x5 notecards.
Put your 60-90 day goals on a small 3x5 notecard and review it daily!

8. Get new lenses.
Be clear and document your “vision." What will you accomplish in the next 12-24 months?

9. Use leadership language.
I have a BIG rule, only speak words and language of a leader. Nothing small, negative, or victim speak in my language.

10. Write a magnificent story.
I'm writing chapters each year. The sentences are the days I live. Make your story great, significant, and selfless. Make it memorable and loving. 

Here's to your personal beliefs. Keep moving forward. Keep believing! 


Steve's new impactful keynote is available as a half or full-day workshop! Bring him to your 2017 meeting! 

Steve's new impactful keynote is available as a half or full-day workshop! Bring him to your 2017 meeting!