Extraordinary Passion Creates Extraordinary Results

I read recently that the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, started out by riding the countryside and picking an open field where he would like to preach. Soon his passionate sermons gathered large crowds. He gained notoriety for his ability to touch people's souls—to move them in faith.

Someone asked Wesley how he was able to attract crowds with his preaching. Wesley responded, "I simply set myself on fire and people come watch me burn." 

PASSION. I'm convinced the best leaders of any organization know their purpose, their calling, and they live and lead with passion. 

I believe passion can be developed and can grow. It will ultimately separate us from our competition. My old football coach use to say, "Give me two equally talented teams and the one who play with passion will win." 

What do you do?

I'm often asked on a flight what I do as a profession. I usually respond, " I have a dream job, filled with passion. I help professionals, like you, develop their personal leadership, vision, and emotional intelligence. Everyday I'm privileged to help leaders and teams achieve their desired goals in leadership, time maximization, and life balance." It's not a canned response, it's a passion filled calling! 

Four Ways to Cultivate Passion:

1. Align to your purpose and live it out fully.
My son, Kyle, and I recently watched a documentary on the extraordinary motivator, Anthony Robbins. The documentary was a behind the scenes to his events. What struck me most was his wife, Sage, said, "Tony is the same man on stage and off. He lives each day with intention and passion."

I believe everyday is game-day. Grab hold of each day and live it out like it is your last. 

2. Get some victories under your belt.
Momentum is the leaders best friend. Nothing creates energy and mojo more than a 1% or 5% win. Focus on a victory today; one achievement today and then another tomorrow. 

3. Don't clutter your mind with non-essential bull.
I read recently that a student once asked Albert Einstein how many feet were in a mile; he replied that he didn't know. Seeing the students shock, he replied, "I make it a rule not to clutter my mind with simple information that I can find in a book in five minutes." 

Don't bombard your mind with information. Don't spend senseless moments on things that drain your focus and passion. Travel light. Keep your mind on what matter most. Advance your goals and refuse to fill yourself with what I call non-essential bull. 

4. Take time for your soul.
May I be absolutely honest? My passion is filled with my soul "being on fire." Every morning is my time. My time to quietly fill my passion bucket. I meditate, pray, think, read, and prepare. I try to visualize how I want to show up. I try to prepare myself to diligently and consciously act with passion with each encounter. 

Whatever you do this week, do it with heart and soul. An extraordinary life and leadership requires energy, passion, and effort. 

Here's to your passion!