How Leaders Shift :: Telling to Selling

What are you attempting to sell?

An idea?

A project?

A solution?

A product or service?

The best ideas don't just happen... someone sells an idea, convinces others of the advantages and how it meets needs, wants or desires.

Think Right Now:  What do you need to promote that provides solutions?

Remember: Selling is simply helping people make a decision that is good for them.

Every time I have the privilege of having a "Discovery Call" around my keynote presentations, team development training or executive leadership coaching, I get genuinely excited!

I am convinced it can benefit them, add tremendous value and deliver on their bottom-line results. It generates performance, customer satisfaction, collaborative teamwork, employee energy and retention and growing revenues. Good stuff that matters!

So it is my responsibility to sell it! Telling others about it is not enough!

How leaders shift from telling to selling?  They establish rapport. We tend to do business with people we know, like and trust.

One effective technique is to look for similarities with the other person. Look for family interest and outside activities that you may have in common. 

The #1 way to establish almost immediate rapport, ask yourself, "what is the one thing I have in common with this organization or individual?".

The answer is always: Their Best Interest.

When people know you are genuinely interested in meeting their unique needs, and your goal is their best interest, they will trust you. Having a genuine interest in helping others (your team, clients and customers, your friends, etc.). That genuine interest in helping others and making a positive difference is the core of effective leadership.

This week focus on the needs of others. Shift from telling to selling through meeting their needs!


Here's to genuine leaders,


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