What Shapes a Leaders Attitude?

I couldn't do it everyday, but the days I drove my kids to school, before they got out of the car, typically the words were:

"Be a leader today and love an unlovable." 

Leadership and compassion are a great balance.  Strength and humility.

While there are many factors that determine who we become, how we form our self-concept ultimately shapes our leadership ability. Here are some critical stages to consider:

  • Stages:         Factors:
  • Pre-Birth:      Inherent personality/temperament
  • Birth:             Environment
  • Age 1-6:         Word Expression, adult affirmation
  • Ages 7-10:     Self-image
  • Ages 11-21:     Peer approval, physical appearance
  • Ages 22-61:   Marriage, family, career, success


  • Personality - Who I am
  • Environment - What's around me
  • Words - What I hear
  • Adult affirmation - What I feel
  • Self-image - How I see myself
  • Exposure to new experiences - How I grow
  • Association to peers - Who influences me
  • Physical appearance - How I feel about my looks
  • Marriage, family, career - My security and status

Whether you're eight, forty-eight, or sixty-eight, lives and leadership are under construction. It's never too late to influence loved-ones, friends and co-workers. It's never too late to GROW as a leader and person in influence and positive attitude. Honor each stage with wisdom and intentionality. 


Here's to positively influencing those around us! 


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