The Most Powerful Word in Leadership

"Action and doing are what converts human dreams into significance." -John Maxwell

  • I'll give it a shot
  • I'll make an effort
  • We'll see if I get to it
  • Tomorrow
  • I'll try my best 

Trying to do your best will never close the gap between where you are and what your stated goals or dreams are. I've learned trying alone does not communicate a true commitment. It's half-hearted, mediocre, and it leaves the door open for short-comings and failure. If an attitude of trying is not enough, then what is? 

An attitude of doing. There is enormous magic in the tiny word "do".

When we tell ourselves, "I'll do it", we unleash tremendous power. An attitude of doing helps us become leaders in our field. It leads us to become the very person we were meant to be. While trying may make us feel warm and fuzzy, doing make us feel significant and powerful. 

As a coach, I often challenge my clients to resist "good intentions". To "attack the attack of complacency" with "doing". Wherever you are in your life and career, I want to challenge you to be a "doer"!

Just for this week: Make a "strategic master list" of sixteen things you will do!!


They can be:

  • sales calls
  • referral follow-ups
  • adding value to a current client
  • a team meeting of purpose
  • a strategic project
  • setting a goal to work out XX times a week
  • hand-written notes
  • networking appointments

Doing will change you.

Doing will energize you.

Doing will create momentum.

Doing will focus you forward.

Doing will attract great people.

Doing will generate results which = revenue.

"If you want to live a life of success and significance, don't start when you get good, start now so you become good." 


Here's to doing "16 things" this week!


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