Dream - Believer What is Your Dream?

"Dreams often come one size too big so we can grow and stretch into them. They are inside our soul. Can you take a few moments to listen? Can you jot them down with courage? Can you believe your dreams are possible?" - Steve Gutzler

What is Your Dream?

When I have conversations with people I often ask, "tell me about your dreams?" I have found most people would like to do something that has meaning and fulfillment, but for whatever reason they rarely speak in specific terms. A rare few have a documented dream list

Too busy I suppose... mortgages, work, healthcare, community, deadlines, kids games and activities, appointments, and overwhelmed with emails and bills. 

Can You Take a Breath? 

Take a few moments today to jot down, write out your dream(s). It may be a career accomplishment, purchasing a first or second home, or a family dream. It can be a beautifully remodeled home, or a family milestone or legacy. Some of the best dream I've discovered are recovering broken-dreams, big or small

Make it your own, but be sure to write it down. You may want to purchase a new journal dedicated to dream documentations. Writing it down forces you to clarify your thinking and determine what you really want. 

Having it written gives you a record of your hopes and dreams. I know its made me feel vulnerable, even risky. It is easier to just stay busy in the blur of activities, but my dreams always fill my heart with a purpose of something larger than my own gifts and stretch me to believe... "All things are possible if I can just believe."

Here's to you being a Dream-Believer!


We have some exciting news here at Leadership Quest.... We are excited to announce a new team member, Michelle Joyce! 

For nearly two decades, Michelle Joyce managed one of the most successful, professional speaking and training businesses in the country and now we proudly welcome her to our team as Steve's Speaker Manager. Handling all bookings for trainings and keynotes, Michelle and my Executive Assistant, Alyssa will work seamlessly together. 

As a master storyteller, Steve has unparalleled ability to communicate dynamic business and leadership truths through stories, anecdotes and humor. Power of Influence and Impactful Leadership is a powerful message for today, to inspire those who aspire to make a positive influence, regardless of title or position.