Bringing Out the Best

Who believed in you?

Who provided you an opportunity to get in the game? 

Who looked you in the eye and said, "you have great potential!"?

Often when I present a leadership keynote presentation, I tell the story of my football coach, Don Matthews. A true legend and successful coach. He built winners wherever he went. Including 7 "Grey-Cups" (our equivalent to the NFL Superbowl).

My senior year in football we were Oregon State Champions. Heading into the season I really wanted to be one of our senior captains. The vote was taken and I didn't make it. I was disappointed, not devastated. 

Coach Matthews must have sensed my disappointment. After a practice he took me on a walk and said, "Steve, I know you are probably disappointed you didn't make captain, but let me tell you how I view you. You are a leader and a great player! You will lead this team and have a great year!".

Wow, leader... great... Those words rang in my soul and to the best of my ability I tried to be a leader and be great. Lets be honest, I wasn't great, I was a good player, but Coach Matthews unlocked my best.

Years later we had our 30 year reunion of our team. Coach was there and we all shared highlight memories. I was the second to share and spoke about that powerful walk and encounter of faith. As we went around the room, each player shared their own version of the coach saying, "you're a leader and you are a great player". He was the master of getting the best of out each of us! He wasn't insincere or manipulating, he was a masterful coach who could bring out the best in individuals and teams.

Leadership Question:
Who do you need to believe in today?

A team-member? A family-member?

I've been privileged to provide faith in others. My children, my coaching clients, and my friends. Lets take someone on a short walk that unlocks their best. Let them know they are a leader and they can reach greatness.

I believe in you!


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