The #1 Influencer of Extraordinary Leadership Performance

In the last year I have been absolutely amazed at the influence coaching has had on my client's leadership performance. I am humbled and honored to be a part of their significant health improvements, dramatic revenue increases, accomplishment of personal goals, soaring employee satisfaction reviews, team productivity, and overall life balance. 

To reinforce the impact on my client's performance, I'd like to share some powerful statistics from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) who has conducted a much larger study with coaching clients world-wide. 

After working with a coach, the following percentage of clients saw improvements in these areas:

  • 80% self confidence
  • 73% relationships
  • 72% communication skills
  • 70% work performance
  • 67% work/life balance
  • 61% business management
  • 57% time management
  • 51% team effectiveness

Reflected in the work I do with personal leaders, I have seen dynamic shifts in daily routines, interaction with employees, management of emotions, and accomplishment of life goals. Coaching enhances communication skills, empowers employees with confidence, and helps them receive feedback and improve performance by developing active listening skills. 

Matt Heres, 
Principal of SALT Communications said of Executive Coaching“Steve’s Leadership Quest coaching has transformed my management style and has created tangible results in all aspects of my life. Steve’s energetic approach and unique personal development coaching gave me the motivation and tools to create, demonstrate and foster a leadership style based on my core values and strengths— and the results have compounded with time. Steve’s commitment to my personal development is exceeded only by my own—and that won’t change for either of us.”

If these are the kind of results you are looking to have in your life and leadership, I encourage you to email my team  to set up a 30-minute discovery call. 

Additionally, if you or some one you know is a first time manager, team leader, or individual contributor who would benefit from coaching, my associate, Brittany Blondino, has developed an incredible coaching program for Emerging Leaders.

Kendehl Corley, Regional Manager with Thrive Communities said of the Emerging Leader Coaching Program, "Working with Brittany has been a powerful experience. I've learned skills to be a better manager and leader, to more effectively communicate my needs and expectations in the workplace, and to determine the path I want my career to take. A real area for growth for me was how to balance my desire for achievement and success with my need for a fulfilling personal life. Brittany has helped me to find that balance in a way that allows me to do well at work while also taking care of myself."

We look forward to partnering with you and your teams to achieve greatness in the coming year.

Here's to building better leaders!

For information on keynote presentations, team workshops, and one on one coaching, contact Steve's team at:

The purpose of Leadership Quest is to help professionals develop their personal leadership, vision and emotional intelligence. Everyday I strive to help leaders and teams achieve their desired goals in sales productivity, leadership, time maximization, and life-balance.